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Dark Mariner Biomancer - Antimatter Games


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Hello there!


Trying my hand at a WIP thread again, I know my last couple of them died a terrible death, but I'm hoping that by concentrating on a single figure, I won't stress out over my painting not being good enough and end up with a pile of half-done stuff again.


If this works, then whenever I start on a figure I think deserves a bit more effort and/or is really cool looking, I'll memorialise the project in a thread.


Our first test subject is this guy, The Biomancer -





Yep, he's a freaky pile of little details. At this stage I'd primed and brown washed him to better see what was what.

I had a little bit of time left at the end of today's painting session, so I made a start on the basecoat -




I'm liking the blue tentacles, but I think the purple on his pet octopus is a bit too dark, might try something pinker.

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I like his purple octopus, but you need some more colour on him to see the difference, with a bit of highlighting it'll be cool, especially if you put some neon circles on it like a blue ring octopus or something.


I plan to attempt some freehand on the Octopus, but I'm still not sold on the dark purple though.


More basecoating -





I keep finding new bits to paint, or bits I forgot to paint, or bits I did paint but wrongly because I thought they were something else.

Just need to work out what colour I want to certain areas to be (like his glowy crystal belt and the shell on the staff) and I'll be able to finish this stage.

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