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14311: Kassandra


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Thanks, everyone - glad you like her.


Great job. I've always admired this sculpt, and you did it justice. I now have to add you to the list of people I hate because they paint better than I do (it's a lengthy list).

Thanks for the compliment, but don't go hating me! I'm friendly, I promise. ::):


Very nice. The face and hair are especially well done. My only nit would be that the cloak could use another highlight bump, but as you said, you were fighting it anyway, so why prolong the pain.


Those eyes are stellar!


I absolutely agree about the highlights, TS. Cloaks are just about my favorite thing to paint, and I would have loved to take the highlights up another notch or two. Once I got it to a halfway decent place where the paints didn't look chalky, I decided to call that good enough and stop the torment. Thanks for the compliment on the eyes - improving my eye game is one of my current painter self-improvement projects.


I really love what you did with her eyes. That sounds really trite, but it's just the right amount of contrast to make it pop without that over-done raccoon look. It's like you watched a few segments on how to do good eye makeup first. ^_^


Thanks! Personal confession: I didn't know a thing about how to do my own eye makeup until I had to learn for theatre! ::D:

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