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Finally got my Bathalian based. Went a bit lazy on this one. The idea was a simple dirt foundation base with a slime trail.




For the slime trail, I simply glopped superglue everywhere around the bathalian. Also helped set him to the base, obviously.




I used a superglue activator on the glue, since I didn't want to wait a long while for it to dry (there was a lot of glue laid down). It kept it from drying quite clear, but I think I kind of like the effect. I'll think more on it, but for now, I'm satisfied.




As mentioned in my WIP thread, the back scales were done in MSP Christmas Wreath (quickly becoming my favorite green) with shading from PP Bloodstone, and Vallejo Model Color Fluorescent Green for the edging. The belly scutes were done with the new bone triad that came with the second paint set from the last kickstarter, and the other light bits were done with the same, except bathalian chiton taking the place of the midtone. Darker bits were shaded with GW agrax earthshade. Claws and armspikes were done with muddy brown and walnut brown.




I thought about doing the back of his cranium in MSP Brains Pink, but I decided it would stand out too much against the rest of the mini.




Finally, a scale pic with Tox the wizard standing in for Sir Forscale.

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The slime is a very nice touch. I think the pink brain would be a great touch (despite the fact brains are actually grey in color). You should really consider the pink brain. Look at your wizard in the scale shot. He too is primarily green with a dash of red/pink colors. If you look at a color wheel, green and red are polar opposites. According to color theory this means they are complimentary colors and go well together. Pink is a combination of white and red. Therefore, the pink cranium will actually strengthen the color choice of your miniature and enhance its quality.


It is your mini and you are entitled to express your vision as you see fit, however, that is one change I believe would greatly enhance the ambiance of the model. It was a good hunch on your part, and you should go with it.

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Have you considered using a colored wash on the white tentacles? Maybe a purple or pink wash and then paint the white highlights back on. And done same on the white breastplates but with a black, brown or cypia wash then pant the white highlights back on. Might give a more alien/organic look to the tentacles and make the inner breastplates look more like hide.


Just an idea, take it of leave it.

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I'll think about the pink and the flesh washes. I do kind of hate reworking a mini after I've sealed it, though. I worry that I'll either elf up the work I've already done, or I'll keep working over the same mini over and over, to the exclusion of getting new ones done.

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