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I just got back from taking a brief hiatus. It actually lifted last week after I decided to repaint my level 32 Warblade and a friend commissioned me to paint his character (he tried to pay me... I refused. I hate taking money from friends :) They always get FREE commissions! :D My specialty! I just like seeing them happy :D)


Anyway, the first is Freja Fangbreaker (the bone version). This is the 2nd time I've painted this figure; the other being 3-4 years ago. She has an enlarge insert with both an earth magnet in the base itself and in the miniature base. I've been doing the enlarge inserts for a few years now; so much more appealing to the eye than just black bases! Both this and the commission were speed paints.. enjoy!




Now here is Broderick Alt Pose, Crusaders Captain. He's my first serious attempt at NMM. It's not great, but pretty good for a first time, I think. I know that I need deeper transitions; but again I had a time crunch. My friend was very particular on the colors and pretty much everything for him. Here he is with his enlarge insert (he's a 32 barbarian warblade).




It was pretty nice to dip my toes in again....

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Any idea why my dwarf isn't showing up in the Inspiration Gallery? She's approved, but hasn't been up at all and I posted her up a good bit ago. Also, how does one get the icon for supporting Bones II? :D


First of all, awesome minis! I especially like Freya, and you did a great job with her face!


Second, I've had the Inspiration Gallery weird out on me like that too in the past (with my 2012 ReaperCon pirate mousling submission). The image was approved, and I could see it if I clicked "See all by Kuro Cleanbrush", but it never appeared in the Inspiration Gallery proper to my knowledge. I guess the only thing to do would be to ask Kit about it if he has a spare moment.

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