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Bones Familiars

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[Grabs own familiar set]


It's a... it's a... WTF?


From the look of it, it seems to have some rose buds on top. I'm guessing it's a plant type familiar?



Edit: Ninjaed, and with a better answer.

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yeah im painting mine as a fungal creature. I have way more of those than living dolls in the games I play.

You'll probably have to do some green stuff work on it. There's stitching on and a button on the face that will show really well once you paint her.



Thanks Red. I don't have any experience materials for sculpting, but I do have a knife.

Only a little work to make the face and button unrecognizable as doll features.

I finished painting her, greens and brown, with some glow-in-dark paint. Im not sure if it appears more as "Fungal creature with knife" or "bloom of roses w/ knife"


If introduced as a plant creature there will be no doubt.

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Here's alook at the metal version all painted up.




Oh, I added a button eye. Cause... Betsy got repaired and we couldn't have the mini looking all sad and one-eyed. I would have added a cute little bow too, but my hubby didn't think of it until I was nearly done with her. Silly hubby :rolleyes:

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