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The Great Failure...


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I still remember the day he came, to save us all from the Zombie Apocalypse.
tumblr_mvak78tC741rao9jio3_500.jpgHis blue box appeared out of nowhere. It made a great deal of noise. Regrettably, zombies are drawn to noise.


tumblr_mvak78tC741rao9jio4_500.jpg His intentions were good. But the problem was just too... dark, I guess... for him to deal with.


tumblr_mvak78tC741rao9jio5_500.jpg It ended about like you'd expect.


tumblr_mvak78tC741rao9jio6_500.jpg Weirdly enough, though, the situation led directly to the destruction of the Dalek Incursion of Cestus III...

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Hm. Dang, that's a question I never thought about. We know Time Lords regenerate reflexively upon death, certainly. The process seems to be kind of dangerous to anyone standing too close.

So... if he was in a mob of zombies... he'd fry the ones nearest him... and then the rest would move in and devour his freshly regenerated body... thus triggering the process AGAIN...

...urg. Nightmare fuel, there!

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The Zombie Bride was part of the Zombie Mausoleum set. I couldn't resist a Lego set that had zombies popping out of crypts.

And as to the Daleks... well... the zombies knew there was meat in there. And a TARDIS can hold a hell of a lot of zombies. How many zombies DOES it take to get to the center of a Dalek's crunchy shell?

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