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Okay, I'll play along too!


Fulfilled Wishlist:

1) TARRASQUE!!!! OH hellz yes, this was my #1 with a rocket and a cherry on top! I have always wanted one of these beauties. Even though they are rare, I will paint this thing up just to threaten my players with and keep them in line.

2) Hill Giants - I love love love these guys, getting 2 or 3 sets of them!

3) Aboleth - Yeah it's called a Goroloth here, but wow, love this figure!

3) More Gnolls - I use these guys a lot in encounters.

4) More Bugbears - Same as Gnolls.

5) Animals - From the core and the CE #1, awesome stuff.


7) Demon Lords - Who wouldn't want Orcus?

8) More paint - Reaper paint at 50% off?? Heck yeah!


Pleasant Surprises:

1) Mashaaf - The great mother WORM!! OMG the sculpt is awesome, I liked the art, but when I saw that sculpt I immediately upped my pledge!

2) DDS2 - Okay, didn't pledge for any other dragons, but when I saw this thing I was stunned at the beauty of it all - The terrain, the amazing scar-faced dragon and then we get some cool adventurers to boot!

3) Sophie! - I didn't think we'd see another Sophie this time around after the reception she got last time, very pleasantly surprised and the artwork for her is amazing (Thanks Talin and the other artist's name I can't remember now).

4) Burrowing Horror - Hey yeah, this one also got another add-on for me as they come solitary or in pairs (watch out adventurers!).

5) Thank you pack - This is just a great overall value to me, I like all the sculpts and artwork.

6) Heroes & Villains - Just great stuff with those removable bases. Love em.

7) Lords of Darkness - I wasn't originally going to pledge for this, but after seeing the video I *had* to up my pledge for them.

8) Core Expansion #2 - I was all in when I saw #1, but wasn't yet convinced of this one until I saw that Demon Lord of Minotaurs. As soon as I saw this, I upped my pledge again. It really was just full of good to great figures by the end of the unlocks.

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Ones I wanted:

Animals! (rats, wolves, kittys!)

Dungeon Decor (Pillars, Beds, Bookcases!)

Blue dragon Hatchlings






Giant Scorpian


Mushroom Men





All the hatchlings

Nun w/ Gun

Mini Sarlak monster



All the Demon Lords


Dragons Don't Share 2

Shadow Tentacles

Carytid Columns

Shipping container

Jersey Barrier

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Well, since I want about 90% of them I'll just cover the reveals that surprised and excited me most.


Mashaaf. I wouldn't have even thought to ask for her but as soon as I saw her art I had to have her.

Demons. I'ld specify, but I want and was excited to see all of them.

Derro. I've just always liked them as villains.

Mountain Troll! My Mordor and Isenguard armies are happy for the reinforcements.

Avatars of Sokar, Thoth, and Sekhmet. Nefsokar represent!

Goblin Leaders. Awesome for my Moria Goblins.

Bathalians. I may actually build a 'counts as' Tyrannid force.

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hi everyone.  I've been thinking a lot about color while painting recently.  It's been a major motivation for some of my more recent projects.  I wanted to talk about some of the things I've been doing and hoped that some of you would share your thoughts about color choice as well.

      First of all, my paint collection is fairly modest.  Probably around 50.  But I'm a firm believer that you don't need a ton of different paints.  I add paints periodically to fill gaps - especially colors that I find myself struggling to mix well (purple continues to be a struggle and I need some better options).
      I love the Reaper Triads - they're a great way to expand a collection and get colors that behave well together.  Also a great way to teach newer painters the philosophy behind layering.  For awhile I was running with the philosophy that I wanted to avoid mixing more than two colors at once.  Especially because it's harder to duplicate.  I was using the triads a lot as a guide while painting.
      However, I have recently pushed away from using triads.  I have been playing around with more limited palettes.  Not exactly the 3 color challenge, but just really considering whether or not I need to grab a new bottle, or if I can mix what I want using something I already have.  With this philosophy, the triads clash.  So I definitely find myself grabbing the midtones most often.

      I've been thinking of this as "mindfully limited palette."  Sometimes I grab the colors I know I want ahead of time, other times I'll grab a new color as I go.  Typically this involves a black and a white and then 5 or less unique colors.  Often a red, blue, yellow, and brown.  Though not necessarily the purest versions of those colors.  I might choose a greener blue.  Or a brownish red.

      There's two ways I've been playing with this.  One is by leaning into a more monochromatic palette.  I have found it really fun and challenging to try to imagine the setting a mini is in and reflecting that environment in the color choices of the mini.  It's also a fun challenge to make many different shades and tones using similar colors.  This is what I had in mind while painting this Ice Witch, and Swamp Skeleton.

      The other way I have been playing with these limited palettes is to try for a more unified tone, but not necessarily monochrome.  There's a painting theory behind a "mother color" where you mix a bit of one color into every other color on your palette.  While I haven't gone that far, I have found that reusing colors, even in different mixes, helps unify the piece.  Just like balancing colors across the mini.  I don't have as many good photos of this, as my best examples are the most recent minis I've been working on - really pushing color variety while using limited paints.  This Kobold is sort of like that, though he definitely is a bit more monochromatic.  I'll have to come back and add my more colorful examples.

      What kind of color theory and challenges have you been playing with to motivate and push your painting?  Please feel free to share photo examples.  This has been a major source of excitement and motivation in my painting recently and I feel it's really improving my results.  I would love to see what everyone else is doing!
    • By PhantomAsh
      You know, you may be right. I could have sworn that one was a male one, but it'd be nice if it was female! Either, way, I'd like a complete set of male + female for all the elements.
      I mean.... I'd also like a non-binary / androgynous set as well, but getting that stuff commercial is.... very difficult.
    • By Lidless Eye
      These guys are the truly random offerings I have wrapped up so far this year.  Many were half-finished somewhere beforehand, but I don't keep track of start dates.

      To start of 2019 with hopes of a revised Mordheim, I offer another (converted) Pit Fighter to the bloody streets.

      Mantic's scatter terrain from Terrain Crate


      A fat jailer from Paizo

      A Dwarf Prisoner from the same Paizo set.

      An iconic Rat Catch from Mega Minis.  I think Turnkey Miniatures makes it these days.

      A Barbarian porter from Frostgrave

      A Dwarf Waitress from TAG

      And a converted Kislevite Archer from Warhammer parts.

    • By Rat13
      Before posting I searched this section to see if there was already a discussion going on but didn't find anything. I could be wrong though. I think it also goes without saying this post and any subsequent posts will include spoilers.
      I finally got around to seeing The Last Jedi, I was waiting for the crowds to die down. So I ended up in a noon showing with only five other people (mostly older folks who I can only assume also waited for the crowds to die down).  
      Right off the bat I want to say I'm not impressed with the new film. Rather than go on a rant about what I liked and hated though I'd prefer to start a discussion of the new film. 
      What did you like? What did you hate? Were you happy with the final product?
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