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Mythos is my favorite restaurant at Islands of Adventure. I hear they are thinking about removing the Lost Continent space and turing into my Harry Potter. I am a bit sad, because as my husband calls it: It's the D&D land. :)


Whatever they do with the space, I hope they keep the Mythos restaurant, because it really is a nice themed dining space.

The expansion of HarryPotterland is occurring adjacent to Sinbad-land, but not replacing. It was visually awesome, but the modern crowd seemed not to care much.


Did you ride any rides at Islands of adventure? Perhaps Dueling Dragons?

Rode almost everything. Dueling Dragons twice (both dragons, you see!) Spiderman 4 times. Hulk twice. The only rides I skipped were the Popeye water ride thing, the X-men Teacups, and the Doctor Doom's Fear-of-heights-o-tron.


Anything you want to share? (You did ask us to Ask you anything. I can be very literal minded, in a skewed way)

One day I promise to tell you all about why I developed a fear of trains. Some of you already know, of course, like Bedlam and Castlebuilder.

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