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Ask Reaperbryan Anything*!


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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Does Bigfoot actually exist?


Are we visited by extraterrestrials?

eggs evolved as a part of reproduction before chickens did.


I'm not big on cryptids, I tend to think something is explainable. Sure, something did that but it was probably not Sasquatch.


Unless faster than light travel is easy, I find it highly improbable. The expense in terms of resources for non FTL flight is massive.

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Back to questions for Bryan!


What is your favorite color of Goblin? As Bryanzilla: Do they really taste like chicken?

Orange. Green is for leader caste, Blue for Psychic.

Rancid chicken.




what is your all time favourite song?

I'm Going to Go Back There Someday. By Gonzo the Great, The Muppet Movie Soundtrack.


awesome. have you heard the cover by Rachael Yamagata from 'The Green Album'


I have the green album version on my player. When I;m down I put on the green album and put that and Halfway up the Stairs on repeat.


you sir have excelent taste in music

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Is this thread turning into more work than you thought?


(and some of us that grew up in Michigan were taught to be afraid of Detroit!)

LOL, no. In the future I may not be quite as prompt though. I hid out in my office today.


What other hobbies do you have?


Do you gain more sales through the online store or FLGS?


Favorite paint color?

I do RPGs, play WOW,Papercraft, and sometimes write.


- that's work related, LOL


I don't think I've evaluated them for likability...

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Do you read comics? Any favorites?

webcomics I pretty much only do

Skin Horse anymore. Paper comics I wait for the good stories to be anthologized as paperbacks


Do you read the order of the stick?

3 favourite tv series?


I used to, but last KS I got too busy to keep up and fell out of the habit. I'm about a year out of current.

I don't watch much, but Face/Off on SyFy, Making Monsters on Travel Channel, and Dr Who on BBCA

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Who's your current favourite in Face Off? What do you think of what Laney did last episode?

Laura. Laney, IMHO, is skating by because she's good for manufactuerd drama. Her zombie rocker was flat and uninspired. She's got skills, but not half what Laura, Tate, and Roy have. Although Laura kinds sucked last week, too.

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