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77076 Autumn Lysette


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Well done! She looks lovely. Her skirt is nicely done, and I really like the leaves!


As for her face, the only thing I can think of is one or two very light glazes with the midtone skin color. I usually start with a 6:1 water to paint ratio, adding more water as needed to get a very loose mixture. Think skim milk cut in half with water and well stirred. Be sure to wipe almost all of it off before touching the brush to model or the glaze will go everywhere (nooks, crannies, flat surfaces, I mean everywhere), though it isn't the end of the world since there is so little pigment to put down. I use it when my highlighting gets chalky or to correct a harsh transition zone in a blend.

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Very beautiful. I see what you mean by the stippling on the face and it is strange as you don't have it else where. First, let me say it looks cool as it is, makes me think of a Monet. However, some possibilities:


1. It could be technique. Are you using the tip of the brush to paint the face? If so, try using the side of the tip, especially for the skin areas and pull the layers across the face instead of dabbing them on with the tip.

2. How thick is your paint? If the paint is too thick or too old, you can get this effect; however, I think #1 appears to be the most likely cause.


The gown is fantastic, by the way.



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Love the color scheme, nice pop on the corset. Great depth of color on that dress! I like how your highlight smoothed out the side of the mouth, I tend to paint that as a scowl...and sure enough, this sculpt was conducive to that!


I was getting a lot of, er, texture...on the face and I'm getting better about that. I was using paint that was a wee bit too thick and overworking it. I'm still a long way from where I want to be, but I'm moving in a good direction with it.


I use the side of the tip, I didn't think about the angle of my brush until someone said something in the magnification thread about poking themself with the brush, mine is generally something like 60 degrees from my face, so even when I'm using the tip, it's a side stroke.

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Gorgeous yellow on that dress and the blue compliments it nicely.


On the face stippling I'd also think that you might be changing your stroke direction or you might be short pulling your strokes...dotting instead of pulling through.



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She looks great, and I love the freehand leaves on the hem of her dress! ::):


I still tend to get too much texture on some of my faces, and I tend to attribute that to working with the paint on the miniature for too long. In other words, I am working so slowly and carefully that my paint starts to half-dry while I'm still working it. With everything else on the mini, I usually work quicker and don't end up with quite so much texture.


However, I invariable get some texture here and there, and I try to fix it by applying a relatively thick layer of Reaper's Brush-On Sealant to the area. Since it is clear, it doesn't really obscure the colors, but it does smooth out the texture enough that a few corrective layers of paint usually go on very well over the sealant.

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    • By billeecats
      Newbie post. I've only painted half a dozen or so figures so far, but I'm enjoying myself, and that counts, right?! 
      She's painted with a mix of Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color. I haven't done so yet, but I think I'd like to start chronicling the colors I use for each future mini. 
      30001 Lysette, Elven Mage 

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      I tried to spend a bit more time on the Bones USA minis of the month. More time on highlights, and more painted shading (rather than just washes). I tried a Yennefer theme for Lysette, due to choices I made in Witcher 3. Just need to buy a unicorn... 

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      Hello everyone, I enjoyed painting the new Bones USA Lysette. I think on this one I tried to go for glowing Irises with a yellow green color, but perhaps against a white eye it's not as noticeable until you zoom in. I''m happy to see the other Bones USA so far seem to have quite high detail. especially the Leprechaun and the mouse on Darius the Wizard, so I look forward to painting those as well.

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      Got another one in, but still some work to do.
      This is the new USA Bones material.  I found that the texture of this plastic is really nice to work on.  A bit stiffer, which I prefer akin to the Bones Black more than classic bones.  Cleaning it was not as fun as it seems to shred more than peel away.  It doesn't take well to scraping, but if you're cutting into it, it's fine.  Areas that were difficult were the hands, under the arm, and the staff.  Overall the model was very clean considering how little flash was on it.  Definitely liking this new stuff.  It takes to primer like a dream!  If I listened really carefully I could hear the plastic soaking in the primer.  Love it.  
      * Stuck to a simplified color scheme - Reds, purples and blues.  The blue turned out a bit too strong and I could have mixed more purple into it, but overall I like the colors.
      *  The careful detail around the skin tones was fun.  Used same skin tones with more highlight than I did with Jakob.  As 'mannish' as the skin looks, I still think the blend and learning to use the new colors was the win.  
      *  Sticking to layers in cape and blending a wet purple into the red was really fun.  Learned that next time should be purple as the base and blend in red as the higher color.  Purple gets lost in red.  Yet the color blend looks pretty cool!
      *  Being more careful in the detail on the hands and only doing topical highlights was really effective.
      *  Coloring copper base layer with red first then topping with metallic copper worked well!
      * Using white to bring out edge-highlight of the gem in her scepter worked cool, too.
      *  Dude looks like a lady.  Or vice versa.  Her skin and face resemble more man-like detail.  I'll have to work on the colors.
      *  Eye details had a very raccoon look to them, so I had to go back in with a 2nd highlight.  Glad Idid it, but really made me feel like it was going to lead to a mistake.
      *  Hair is still a big area of opportunity for me.  I did it better this time, but finding the areas that light hits it and bringing them out is still a big struggle.
      *  I couldn't figure out how to make the belted area and all those straps stand out.  HELP!
      *  The sword...what the heck do I do to help make those two metals work better together.  As I mentioned in my other works, I need to figure out how to NMM.  
      *  Runes on scabbard look more like an afterthought than a purposeful move.  Bah.
      Always open to feedback and thoughts.  Lay em on me.

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      It took me a while  to finish it. 

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