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I've seen a lot of new faces (well names) in the last week or so since Reaper's most recent Kickstarter and I'd just like to say to all of you:




It's always nice to meet new people, get fresh ideas, and gain more inspiration. These forums are quite possibly the most friendly on the entire interwebs and I hope to see many postings and pictures of your works!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Always nice to meet people who are in the hobby, you'll find (if you haven't already) that this is probably one of the most helpful places around the interwebs for advice and encouragement. It's just full of awesome people.

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Welcome welcome new members!! This is indeed an awesome place to hang out, whether you like painting, sculpting, miniatures, or crazy fun shenanigans (those are mostly restricted to the "Off-Topic Rampancy" subforum). Everyone here is very helpful and friendly, so feel free to ask questions and ask for advice or help if you need it! We've got everyone from people brand new to this hobby to some of the sculptors and painters for Reaper themselves! This is also a family-friendly forum, and our moderators (particularly the awesome ladystorm, who is the one who pie'd ReaperBryan) make sure it stays that way. ::):


So kick back, relax, and have a look around, there's lots here to see! :D



--OneBoot :D

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Welcome to the boards, everyone!On behalf of our Kickstarter backing and miniature painting community I extend to you a laurel and a hearty handshake.~Slendertroll, who blatantly plagiarized this welcome message from Aldin over on Heroscapers

Who blatantly plagiarized it from "Blazing Saddles."



... Oh yeah. We also digress a lot. The mods crack down if it goes too far and certain threads are definitely ix-nay on the igressions-day.

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I am one of the most notable offenders for going off-topic. I am obliged to urge you not to follow my example. I do not go off-topic to be annoying or cause trouble. I have communicated this fact with the moderators, and post this message of my own free will. I have merely spent too much time on the internet and have developed a condition where I no longer recognize the boundaries between topics. I do make an effort to control this. I fail often. Where necessary, I am ruthlessly pruned. Sometimes this tickles. But mostly I manage to stay out of real trouble.


In case of conflict, be the goat.

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Can I be the old man of the forum that says things like "In my days as a new person you'd be lucky if there were 20 new posts on these forums" and "Back in the day getting 5 likes in a show off thread was huge"?


Sadly I've only been on these forum for just over 2 years. Crazy how much the Kickstarters have changed it.

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