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80007: The Black Mist - Gunslinger


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Hanging out at Reaper for the Kickstarter party got me inspired to get my brushes and paints back out. I used to post fairly regularly several years ago, but life got busy and my hobby took a back seat. Anyway, it was nice to paint again!


My friend plays a gunslinger in our Pathfinder game, and this mini from the Bones line works great for his character. I painted him up last night... tabletop is my aim, so I didn't spend a ton of time on the fiddly details. I'm happy with the way his duster turned out.





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Thanks all for the comments!


@youwashock - Yeah, I never stopped gaming, but time got short on being able to paint. I'm happy to be able to indulge in the hobby again!


The face on this guy was so deep under his hat and covered up by his scarf/bandana/thingy that I had a hard time reaching it just to do the color on his face... I didn't even attempt the eyes! o_0


Thank you for looking! I'm hoping to post another here tonight or tomorrow night... depends on when I have time.

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