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Tablet battery about to die, so short story, life sucks sometimes, and Fanguad (who is awesome) will be handling the wrap up for this exchange (as well as running the next one). Apologies all 'round; my problems shouldn't be your problems. Suffice to say, normalcy is hoped to soon return....


Stay cool, kids.


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So with Dave being swallowed by real life, this is what I sent him:


Painted Phase Cat (in my showoff thread)

Unpainted Well of Doom

Unpainted Drogo Voss

Painted Bones Griffon as a Stone Griffon Guardian (with 3.5/PF stat sheet)

Painted Praying Crusader Hospitalier (far right) as a bronze statue on HA block base


Sadly, Dave's camera took its own life before he could publish the pictures off it.. 

Many thanks, SJ. These are awesome pieces. The phasecat looks awesome (I love the dark, dark purple!), my wife immediately absconded with the griffin to dark nether regions; I think he's going to end up on her altar....


I loved the bronze statue. The verdigris (is that right, where's Pingo?!) looks fantastic. If the memory card for the camera was external (I don't know, it was my wife's toy), I'll try and salvage the opening pics.


Again, thanks for the gift. It made a hellish month not quite so bad.


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I'm so sorry to hear that life hasn't been good to you lately, dispatchdave, and I really hope things look up for you soon. *friendhug*




I actually got mine two weeks ago, I've just kept forgetting to post here about it! Many much thanks to Nissiana for the splendid things she sent me, and the lovely painted barbarian especially!




Top to bottom, left to right:

-Fresh lavender tea

-Peppermint tea

-Passion tea, which is fruity combination of hibiscus, lemongrass, rose hips, mango, and passion fruit flavors. I'm saving this one for a special occasion!  ^_^

-Lots of fun Hirst Arts blocks

-Grass for basing

-Awesome painted barbarian

-Boy cherub


-Baby cherub

-Fighter guy with awesome cloak


Close-up of minis:



Fighter guy after I straightened him out:



And some pictures of the barbarian lady:






I'm so excited to have such a fabulously painted female, thank you again! It's so much easier for me to figure things out when I can actually see a painted mini in person, so I can't thank you enough!  :wub:



--OneBoot :D

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Like Oneboot, I am bad at posting things in a timely fashion. I also received my Secret Sophie quite some time ago and was quite pleased! A few metallic paints that I'll be happy to experiment with (I've never used the Vallejo metallics before)...a painted bones ghost that looks awesome and will terrorize my players in next week's D&D session...and a whole slew of unpainted minis that are going to be tons of fun to slap color on, including some men at arms and some gobbos. And, of course, the chocolate! The bars are really yummy (I've been rationing them and still have a little bit left) and of course the Chukar Cherries were a real treat!


So now...I know you're in Seattle...and I know there are several Seattleites around...so who am I thanking? Because, thank you!

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After much trials and tribulations, with undeloverable packages and whatnot, Chaos wolf and I were able to finally connect at the New England Paint Day.  I received a very nice Undead themed collection of minis. 


-A pair of George the Zombies

-2867 Mathias the Twisted

-2680 Undead Troll

-2080 Fog Wraith


He was also so kind to include a RalPartha Death Knight and Lich.


Most importantly, we got to sit around swap stories and paint. 

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I just have to write this for my Secret Sophie partner (?).


Here in Brazil the Post Office and Customs Agency are a drag. Last saturday I was picking up a delivery Reaper sent me in October! 

But I was contacted by Fanguad and he said that it was posted, so now I want to thank my secret friend and assure him I will be very very happy when it arrives. It will be a secret secret Sophie (because I never know when I´ll get it...)


Thanks a lot! It is very fun to participate and follow this amazing forum and members.


You guys ROCK! I´ll see you in Reapercon 2014! 



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I have to admit that the childish paint job on that ghost is mine...  I tried to make him look like he was a couple of different shades of green/yellow/white as he phased in and out of existence.  Some of the chocolates and the Chukar Cherries are all made locally here in Seattle.  I ran out of time in my rush to get it out before the deadline so I was unable to get more local treats like I had wanted to do.  You had also mentioned you wanted monsters and things your fellow players could fight, so I thought you could never have too many goblins and men-at-arms/guardsman.  I also thought you might be able to paint them up a bit better than i could  :)  I hope you enjoy them all!

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Kadence, the ghost is ectoplasmically awesome. Next weekend it will see good use against my PCs alongside several other undead terrors. And the soldiers will make for some excellent kooks.


The next campaign I run will use loads of gobbos, so those will get well-used, too.


Thanks very much.

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Life has decided that I am not allowed to sleep.  But I finally got the chance to take pictures this weekend!  I am absolutely in awe of the amazing paint jobs that Leapardpixie achieved, and the bases are just amazing as well!  So, here is what I received:




All together this includes 3 painted minis, a bones Fire Giant Queen, and a happy seppuku stamp.  I cannot express how happy these make me.  

And here are pics of the individual pained minis. 






Thank you so much!

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Those poor swords are so bent from the mail! I'm glad you like them. :)

Yep!  As Naponatom said, till I get the chance to correct them, they are scimitars!  (Seriously, I hadn't even realized it until you mentioned it.  Might be the lack of sleep over here. Or the amazing paint job.  I'm gonna go with both.)   ^_^

Edited by onyxGuenhwyvar
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Has anyone received a parcel from Australia yet?  It should have arrived by now.... Hope it did not get stuck in a postoffice somewhere.

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Hmmmm going to give it a couple more weeks then I will look into doing a direct from Reaper parcel.  It wouldn't be fair if my person didn't get anything.

Edited by kay13
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It arrived today!!!


I´ll like to thank my secret santa Sophie for the AMAZING gifts. I hope your surprise was as great as mine.

Not only she send me some sweet miniatures, she send me some bases, trinkets to make those bases even greater, and a card game!



some pictures below to see the awesome that is this girl...




Edit: grammar issue

Edited by naponatom
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    • By SGHawkins09
      What is Secret Sophie, you ask? 
      Well, it's a lot like Secret Santa, with a more attractive (albeit more dangerous) delivery person!  (For those not in the know, Sophie the Succubus is Reaper's mascot.)  This is the time of year for Reaper forumites to give a little holiday cheer to each other. 
      Unlike most of the exchanges we do on the forums, this will have two categories
      - miniature and gift exchange and gift-only exchange. 
      Signups will run from October 23rd to November 3rd, with the assignments going out by November 10th.

      If you've never done an exchange before, how it works is like this:
      ·         Everyone who is interested PMs me (SGHawkins09) with the questionnaire below filled out by the deadline. 
      ·         The organizers (SGHawkins09 and robinh) then matches you with a person to whom you will send your gift/mini, and another person from whom you will receive a gift/mini from in return (sometimes it's the same person).
      ·         Halfway through the exchange, you'll need to send the organizers a WIP. 
      ·         You have until the deadline to send your gift/mini out.
      That's pretty much it, feel free to ask questions in this thread, or PM them to me.
      This exchange is based on trust.  Please be respectful of the fact that someone else is investing their time, money and energy into painting a mini for you.  I am simply the organizer, but I will do everything I can to make sure that everyone who paints a miniature receives one.

      The Rules (tl;dr version)
      Gifts should be primarily new, Reaper-branded presents. Exchanging painted miniatures is optional. Fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me via PM. Painters must send the organizers a WIP of their mini by December 29th. The deadline for non-painters to mail their items is December 21st.  The deadline for painters is January 31st. Full Rules
      Decide whether you are doing gift and miniature exchange or gift-only exchange. "Gifts" are Reaper paints, unpainted miniatures, or other Reaper painting supplies.  Recommended dollar value of gifts is $25 or less. The miniature exchange is where you paint a Reaper miniature for someone and mail it to them.  If you want to paint more than one miniature, you may do so. Reaper minis are the focus. If you want to paint more than one miniature, you may do so. If you wish to include other gifts for your recipient, you may do so, but please keep them small.  The focus of the exchange should be a Reaper product. Fill out the appropriate sections of the questionnaire below and send it to me via PM.  Please fill out the current version of the questionnaire, Please don't just send an old one, as questions may have changed. Please don't contact your partner unless they have listed themselves as okay with contact. I've included it on the questionnaire, so you'll know who wants to keep it secret and who doesn't. In order to encourage people to start painting early, you will need to post a Work In Progress (WIP) image of your mini to either this thread, or as a reply to your organizer, by December 29th.  The mini should be at least base-coated by this time.  If you don't post a WIP by this point, I may have to demote you to gift-only or drop you from the exchange.  Please don't make me do this. Try really hard to get your miniature out by the deadline.  Let an organizer know if you are going to be late. In the past some people have wanted to send food - please verify allergens, etc. with your partner before proceeding. If you are mailing internationally and plan to send more than just miniatures/paint, you must contact your recipient to get any "bonus items" approved.  We don't want any trouble with customs.  As an example, plant matter or powders can cause a lot of trouble. If you want to participate but acquiring Reaper minis is a problem, please contact me first. The organizers (SGHawkins09 and robinh) can help facilitate any anonymous conversations you want to have with your partner. Have fun! Deadline
      The deadline for mailing gifts is December 21st.
      The deadline for mailing exchange miniatures is January 31st, but it's even better if you can get them out by Christmas.
      Assignments Deadline
      The organizers will send the assignments out in about two and a half weeks (November 10th).  Please let me know if you're interested by end of day, November 3rd.  I can't make any guarantees if you're late, but I will try to make arrangements.
      Exchange Assistant
      robinh will be helping me run this exchange. He will coordinate and communicate with some of the participants and you can contact either of us with questions and/or issues.

      Secret Sophie Exchange Questionnaire
      -Contact Information-
      E-mail or Phone #:
      -General Information-
      Are you signing up for the gift exchange only, or for gift + miniature exchange?
      -Gift Information: Inbound-
      What are you interested in receiving?

      -Miniature Information: Outbound-
      What can you paint?
      What do you like painting the most?

      -Miniature Information: Inbound-
      What do you want to receive?
      What DON'T you want to receive?
      What material do you want to receive?
      Do you have a particular color scheme in mind?
      What style of basing would you prefer?
      Please give your partner some inspiration, especially if you have very few preferences above.

      -Personal Information-
      Will you ship internationally?
      Would you be willing to have multiple exchange partners?
      Would you like to know who is painting for you before they start painting?
      Would you like your partner to know who is painting for them before you start painting?
      Is there anybody you would prefer not to paint for?  (please include why)

      -Special Requests-
      For the organizer, your painter, or your recipient:

      Secret Sophie Exchange Questionnaire - Examples and Notes
      -Contact Information-
      Name:         robinh Forumguy
      E-mail or Phone #: robinh at emailservice dot com / 1 (234) 567-8901
      Notes: This is backup contact information in case we can't contact you via forum PM.  The organizers will not share this with anyone, and we'll only use it as a last resort.
      Address:    1234 some street
                        anywhere, MA 12345
      Notes: Remember to include your zip code and country. 
      Please format this correctly for your country in case you have an international partner.
      -Gift Information: Inbound-
      What are you interested in receiving? Metal or Bones fantasy monsters 
      Examples: metal/resin/bones, scenic elements, Dark Heaven Legends/Chronoscope/Warlord/Pathfinder/Savage Worlds, paints

      -Miniature Information: Outbound-
      What can you paint?  Fantasy PCs or monsters
      Examples: fantasy, sci-fi, monsters, PCs, women, undead, demons, etc
      What do you like painting the most? bugbears and orcs
      Notes: if possible, the organizers will try to match you up with someone who wants this thing, but if we can't we'll fall back to what you "can" paint

      -Miniature Information: Inbound-
      What do you want to receive?  Fantasy enemies for my players to fight!  Monsters or human(ish) are both fine.
      Examples: mouslings, necromancers, warriors, dual-wielders, etc
      What DON'T you want to receive?  No nudity please.  Also, I have plenty of goblins so I don't need more.
      Examples: gross, nudity, undead, kobolds, animals, etc
      What material do you want to receive?  I'm fine with any material
      Notes: Reaper miniatures come in Bones, resin and metal
      Do you have a particular color scheme in mind?  No preference.
      Notes: If you're asking for a miniature to be used in army, you can ask your partner to match the colors.
      What style of basing would you prefer? Plain or basic - I will use these miniatures in my PFRPG games.
      Examples: round or square preference? Unbased, plain base (simple black base), basic base (standard sized base with some scenic elements), or scenic base (fancy base not really suitable for gaming)
      Please give your partner some inspiration, especially if you have very few preferences above.
      I'm starting the PFRPG Adventure Path "Jade Regent" soon.  Try painting non-human skin tones.  My favorite color is blue.  "Spring has sprung!"
      Notes: Consider this a non-binding word of inspiration for your partner.  If they're stuck and can't figure out what to paint, maybe this will help them.  No need to repeat your preferences above.  You partner may ignore this question if they already have an idea from the your previously answered questions.
      Examples: Are there any books or movies you've enjoyed recently?  Is there a challenge or technique you'd like your partner to try?  How about some song lyrics or a quote from a book?

      -Personal Information-
      Will you ship internationally? Yes
      Notes: Be aware that postage costs will be higher than domestic postage.  If you mail internationally, you will need permission from your partner to include other gift items so that we don't run afoul of customs.  Most participants in these exchanges are located in the USA.
      Would you be willing to have multiple exchange partners? Yes, I love painting!
      Notes: If yes, specify if there is a limit (though it is unlikely we'll ask you to do more than 2)
      Would you like to know who is painting for you? No
      Examples: Yes, No, No Preference
      Notes: If you say yes, your preference will be communicated to your partner.  It will be up to them to contact you.
      Would you like your partner to know who is painting for them? No
      Examples: Yes, No, No Preference
      Notes: You can contact them directly to work out details or ask for advice.  We will attempt to match people with similar preferences, but can't guarantee this is the case.
      Is there anybody you would prefer not to paint for?  (please include why)    I painted for johndoe123 in the last miniature exchange.
      Notes:  If you like to paint for a variety of different people, you can list those you've painted for in the past.  We will do our best to pair you with someone new.  Another situation is that you know certain people in real life, and would prefer to paint for someone you don't know.
      -Special Requests-
      For the organizer, your painter, or your recipient:
    • By Generic Fighter
      So, I'm working on a miniature for my Box of Many Things exchange partner, more commonly known as a "Thinger" among those long time participants. This happens on the Twitters and you can search for it by sticking one those hashtag/pound sign/number sign thingies in front of BoxofManyThings in the search thingy there. Basically, it is like a Secret Santa type thing for geeks and nerds that happens every couple months. Sign ups for the next one should start near the end of October, if you are interested.
      Anywho, my "Thinger" is interested in, among other things, Medusas. So, since I'm kind of not up to much due to a severe lack of AC at my place, I've decided to try to distract myself from the fact I am alternating between melting and immolating at this time by making a custom mini and painting it. Also, attempt to chronicle it too.




    • By SGHawkins09
      When I got my Secret Sophie assignment and  saw that I got @Corporea to paint for, I knew almost instantly what I wanted to paint for her. She put that she likes anything adorable and cute plus I know she likes mouslings so I knew I had to paint one for her. As I was going through my stash I found that had the Santa one and knew it was perfect. I also knew I wanted to pair it with a Christmas tree but it took me a while to settle on how I wanted to do the tree. Mainly I was flipping back and forth between making or buying one. I ended up making one out of greenstuff and am really happy with how it turned out. 

    • By Inarah
      My exchange partner this year was Fealron and one of the ideas suggested was a new enemy or villain to throw against his players.  I had this guy on hand and wondered if a giant werewolf would fit the bill: 
      14030: Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha 

      While I was painting that I came across these guys and they just begged to be henchmen: 

      The one in the middle I believe is an old Grenadier, the others are clix. 
      Meanwhile, back at the ranch I did a little digging and discovered that Fealron has a set of DwarvenForge, so I felt compelled to paint these as a gift.  It's all molded from Hirst Arts molds (except the barrel mimic).  I hope they provide hours of fun play. 

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