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Secret Sophie 2013


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Here is my sweet, sweet Secret Sophie swag!




All I can say is thank goodness I didn't let my wife open this. I'd have come home to find her in a sugar coma on the couch! ::D:

To go with all the home-made sugary goodness (and to stay with that theme) I received a "tough cookie" fire giant bodyguard and a piece of "eye candy" chained succubus. Both are awesome! The bodyguard may get quickly pressed into service, depending on how the vote goes for this year's year long painting contest. And the succubus will be a serious challenge to my skin painting skills, something I really want and need to work on this year.

As for all the sweets, I'm trying to be good but I'm sure I'll sample a few (besides the crumbs that "just happened to get on my fingers" while opening the package, and which were delicious btw :devil: ) and will definitely share with my wife and the boys.


Thanks so much, Secret Sophie!


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Mine is going to be posted this weekend (provided I can keep the mini safe for one more day... otherwise we will see how well paint really sticks to bones... cat toy...). If this one dies I think I'll just pop extra unpainted goodness in and post it anyway....

<grumble> attention seeking cat....

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I was unable to get tracking for the package I sent for one reason or another. I sent it out Dec 23rd and they said 6 days as an estimate. I would think that it should be there by now. Anyone willing to admit that they got my gift? I tried to make sure it was good enough that it wouldn't be too embarrassing to post...

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I did get the package, and somehow, my wife managed to restrain herself and not open it before I got home (just now).


If we can dig up the camera, you might get a picture of me opening it (no video, though :P). If it is AWOL (and with everything getting packed for Philly, this is entirely possible), then no such luck for you!



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    • By Iridil
      I've bought several Christmas minis over the years, but this is the first one I painted! He's such a cute fellow and I had fun with him, even if it was Dec 28th before he was done... 

    • By Thrym
      "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..."
      First, let me explain "why" I made this.  Yes, "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie.  The same as any of those Hallmark channel movies, "It's a Wonderful Life," or "Elf."  I can feel my teeth rotting just mentioning that movie.
      Second, my wife wears holiday pins everyday for the month of December.  She even wears a pair of pins on occasion.  She has too many to fit into 25 days.
      Since this became a tradition, as is watching "Die Hard," every year, I started planning this craft project.
      I did have this sidelined for a bit, mostly due to not having the right size "vent" I wanted to use for the size of the pin.  I finally found a rounded corner rectangular set of cookie cutters (pkg of 10) that fit the bill.  LOL
      So with laminated pictures of John in the can, as it were, I cut him in and then added UV resin to seal him in.  A generous layer of resin.  Then I added a cutout of his head and his hand with the lighter to add some depth.
      Voila, John McClane in the vents of the Nakatomi Building. You might have seen some ornaments around the 'net.
      Here are some pics as well as my wife sporting the pin today.

      Just john bent into the "vent."

      John with a cutout of his head one layer in front of the background pic and his hand and light another layer ahead of that.

      Sadly a few bubbles formed on the top layers.  I got a few out before hardening the resin.

      The pin in place.

      My wife's new Christmas Pin.  LMAO
      It has two pin backs attached to the back with the UV resin.  Both with the clasp end and pin point down.  Easy placement and closing.  Holds it in place well.
      I think I am going to find a mini-bow for the top and add a ribbon around the outside.  Add to the Christmas presentation.
      For those wondering what UV resin I used... I got a couple of .75oz bottles off of Wish for the job a while ago.  Worked well.

      Enjoy and leave your thoughts and CC.  I am interested in hearing what you all think.
    • By Rainbow Sculptor
      This month I felt particularly inspired by the Nutcracker characters and decided to do a whole themed set. I learned a lot about the original source material and had fun reimagining some of my favorite Reaper painters as Christmas characters. If you want to play the guessing game, go right ahead, I'll put my inspirations after the images

      Sugar Plum Fairy- Erin Hartwell
      Drosselmeyer- Aaron Lovejoy
      The Nutcracker- James Wappel
      The Rat King- Ian Markon
    • By 72moonglum
      Hello everybody from the South all the way up to the North Pole!
      So last year I had painted for my mom a Santa Claus, from a set of the plastic miniatures you find in hardware stores that go with the little sets of holiday houses. They are usually some pretty  neat little figures but can use a little bit of love and attention, as they are speed painted in China without much detail.  Well, with the original set of figures I had from last year, there were also three elves that I just didn't have time to work on, so I thought I'd do them this year and ended up finishing them yesterday. They are probably somewhere between two and three inches tall.

      and here they are individually:
      With this guy, I tried to actually make a list on his clipboard, but couldn't get too small, ended up with the first two letters of my mom and dad, Bernice and Glenn:

      and this next little guy, used that same idea and put their initials not he music box lid:

      and with this little guy, no real freehand, just an elf and a teddy bear:

      Fun figures and pretty large, without so much crazy detail.  For the most part I actually used the original color schemes that were pre-painted on these elves, which in all reality made life a little more simple so I didn't have to work so much to choose colors.
      Anyways, hope you all enjoy!  Merry Christmas to everybody and may Santa be kind to you all and bring you lots of Reaper miniatures and paints!
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