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Speculation: CAV Bones Kickstarter


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I want a BIGtator in Bones. :)


That is a stonking great idea, and may indeed be a big-money ks. Do this reaper! Have JBR remaster it with more details, and a scorpion stretch goal.


I'm excited enough to double post!


Sarge reminded me there were three total 28mm resin kits that John Bear Ross produced:


The Dictator (mini pictured)




The Despot (mini pictured)



And Scorpion (mini pictured)



The kits were very short run, and hard to come by, there's a very cool build-up of the Dictator here:





And John's been enhancing the design!






Looking at how well the Dreamforge Leviathan kit did, this could be a great kickstarter.

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The business angle is to grow the Bones line across all their franchises. The Bonus is that they choose CAV to expand in support of one of their RAGE game systems. Since Warlord is partially represented in both Bones 1 and 2. While everyone believes the only successful Kickstarter is on that grosses over X million, but opening a new line that may be profitable for years to come can also a successful goal.

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Perhaps fantasy Bones isn't going to keep on keeping on, because Reaper, like everyone else, needs to make sure they don't undermine themselves and go broke. KS is still in the exuberant optimism stage WRT miniatures, but plenty of producers are already seeing the downside. If the downside gets bad enough they'll either drop out of the market until the price corrects OR they'll correct the price themselves.


It may be much more beneficial to spend some time and money on successful KS's that run zero risk of cannibalizing sales. Speculation on my part.


But opportunity cost is a real and deadly thing, and Kim is No True Lefty for even knowing what it is, let alone endorsing it ;)

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