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I figure we are only a couple of days from November and most of us know what we are going to be able to finish by the end of October and it's now time to set goals for the next month.


Anyhow, I didn't set any personal goals for October and I think my painting suffered for it so in order to help keep myself accountable I'm going to list what I'd like to achieve this upcoming November.


  1. Paint an Eidolon (Red Wolf) for one of my fellow players in my Pathfinder game. - 3/4 done and will finish in December
  2. Paint up Dwarf Ranger for fellow player in Pathfinder game. - Removed
  3. Paint up Dwarf Ranger's animal companion (whatever he picks) for the PF game. - Removed
  4. Paint up a Dragon Disciple for a fellow player in Pathfinder game
  5. Paint up Tileon - Noncombatant Halfling Sage (my PC's cohort) - DONE!
  6. Paint up a half-elf Cleric NPC/cohort for my Pathfinder game
  7. Paint up another NPC - Ursa a Dragonborn
  8. Work on Kaladrax diorama for the contest! - I might have to use one of the Dragons below for this contest instead as I don't think I'll have enough time to paint up that many dragons.
  9. Paint up (as requested by GM) various creatures/NPC's/beasts that need to be in his upcoming encounters. I think he said something about trolls very soon :blink: - Heard back from GM, he wants: Dragons! (2 white and 1 Ancient Red), GIANTS (frost, hill, fire, and stone), Ogres, Orcs, Drow, Spiders, and Troglodytes. Guess my To-Do shelf just got a whole lot more crowded!

Editing Post to change some stuff, had the guy playing the Dwarf drop out of our PF group so we are going to alter our campaign a bit and go back to an older one with some higher level PC's.

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Paint.   Just...paint.     No, seriously, that's my whole goal for November. The more I try and force myself to work on specific minis, the more my motivation goes "Nope!"   So I'm going to

My plan for November is to attack the "shelf of shame" and get the figures I stalled on finished.   I also have some fencing miniatures for my friend's En Garde game.   buckyball

Well, I've already hit my goal for this month. I've painted stuff. DONE!   Man, that was easy. I should have this goal every month!   Huzzah! --OneBoot :D

Posted Images

Dwarven Forge Game Tiles and accessories.


I think this might run into December, as I have a total of about 550 pieces, and only 100 or so are completed, after a pretty long painting session last weekend.


Nothing else hits my workspace until I get these done. :)

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Finish my three "starter" Bones Orcs ... (should be completed this weekend)

Paint 4 Bones Skeletons

Paint 4 or more Pathfinder Goblins

Finish a Dwarf Fighter I have kept in my mini stash for 30 years.

Finish 2-3 other minis from that stash

Paint one Pathfinder iconic Bones Hero (the detail on those minis scares me a bit).


I'm only aiming for "tabletop use / RPG use quality" ... so maybe I can manage the above.


oh ... not mini painting but: at least one Pathfinder play session with my wife and kids.

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Get to a point in my Dragon Diorama where the diorama base itself is mostly done, pending integration with the minis, and get at least 2 humanoids for said diorama done. And the flame blast.


It does not seem like a lot, I know, but with 4-6 hrs a week to work on it, I want to keep it real :(

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1: Finish up the minis that I was supposed to have done by the end of October, if they're not done by then. (Desmaendus, Satheras, Deckard Nightveil, Thaddeus Greytower)

2. 12 DHL Classics Skeletons (metal)

3 9 Assorted Zombies (6metal 3 bones - these will be the first bones minis I actually finish!)

4 2 Ghouls, 1 Ghast (metal)


Painting a bunch of similar figures could potentially go fast, but for the skellies I'm thinking of doing a few different colors to the bones, to keep them from looking boring and homogenous. Still - the skeletons look like very simple figures to paint, and I think the bone is a prime candidate for drybrushing. I've never tried to paint dead flesh before, so for the zombies there's probably gonna be a fair bit of color experimentation involved. Finishing this means that I'll have minis all the way up to encounter #8 of 12 for the adventure we're starting in a week and a half.


Edited: Progress!

Edited: Progress again!

Edited: Thrice Progress!

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Ok, ok, I broke my lurking streak, guess I might as well chip in, it might motivate me a bit.


1 - Start a WIP thread. (see - I haz WIP'ed myself into shape...)


2 - Start a Show Off thread.


3 - Give the paint station a good tidy for obligatory photo for WIP thread (In progress)


4 - Finish off Hazmat team (commission)


5 - Start a unit for my Of Gods And Mortals force. (Full army cleaned up and glued to bases, next step, base texture)


6 - Post in both threads. :) (Half done)





Baby steps.

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No, seriously, that's my whole goal for November. The more I try and force myself to work on specific minis, the more my motivation goes "Nope!"


So I'm going to trick it by just putting the minis that need to be worked on out on my desk, and whichever one strikes my fancy at the time will get painted. Yay!



--OneBoot :D

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November...where did October go?



1. A NOVA Squad guy. I want to figure out the colour scheme I'm using for these guys. I based him with my airbrush already, and I'm starting on him at lunch. Hopefully come up with something quick to paint.

2. Empire of the Dead: Bobbies. 8 of these.

3. Empire of the Dead: Gentlemens Club. 8 of these. These I'll be painting with my wife as I teach her some miniatures basics (mostly just the differences between how she'd do something if tole painting compared to using the same techniques on a mini, and using thinner paints and such).

4. Get the lawn tractor winterized and the snow blower attached.

5. Store the camper and the summer car.

6. Finish reading the rules for Numerera as I'm supposed to start running running before the end of the year.


Hmmm, busy month.....

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  • All the pathfinder goblins from two Vampire sets
  • Potential new figure for my half orc witch after she is reincarnated tomorrow :)
  • Finish painting the six half painted figures currently sitting on my painting desk (some have been sitting there for about 6 months, and I don't seem to get the motivation to touch them, so this is a real challenge to myself).


Edit: this should be easier now the couple of kickstarters I was spending a lot of time watching have finished...

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I actually have a little vacation time coming this month, so I can be a little ambitious. I also intend to set up my office as my painting room, as the basement is cold.


1) Strip the Tiik Champion (Done)

2) Talisman Character Minis. 14 + 4 Frogs (2/14 complete, and 4 frogs complete Posted in 'Show Off')

3) Rearrange office for painting. (Complete)

4) Round 2 with the Tiik Champion

5) Bones Sea Lion (Partially basecoated)

6) Bones Creature of Blood Reef (basecoated)

7) Bones Shoggoth (SOOOO many eyes. Why did you do this to me Tre? (Basecoated))

8) Bones Eldritch Demon (Assembled)

9) Bones Faceless Horror (Wait. I thought the Shoggoth had too many eyes? Julie? Did you and Tre have a competition to see how many painters you could drive to madness? (Basecoated))

10) Time permitting, Necron Tomb Blades and Overlord (Assembled)


Edited for progress as relevant.

Edited by Cimmerian76
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      Now what are yours??
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