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I wanted to paint something quick, so I decided to paint these 2 as desert sand creatures, less than 90 minutes for both (painting time, not including greenstuff and other basing time);


Reaper Sand Woman (Chronoscope 50177)




DGS Games Gadarl that I got from their first kickstarter:




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Very fast paints, but these look really good!


I like the Reaper Sandwoman better, if only a for the highlighting looks better to my eye. Either way, I'd be happy to throw either of them down on my gaming table and have some fun!

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    • By HolkDiggity
      Another ReaperCon entry, and I'm pretty happy about how this one turned out! I wanted to pick up a Freeblades faction, and I went with Wood Elves, since my Frostgrave army is Dwarven. (Balance in all things!)
      The mini is from DGS Games, the paints are from Reaper, the base and pigments are from Secret Weapon, and the tufts are from Shadow's Edge.

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      Friends! Here are 23 additional figures I painted in September. The results are largely for tabletop, or slightly better than tabletop quality.
      The Dreadmere Hunter was a free miniature at ReaperCon...I hated it but got it for my son, he loved it and his little 8-year-old heart decided that it was to be his DND ranger 
      I also painted the Barrel Mimic which Galladoria Games gave away as a new attendee this year. I painted a DGS miniature named Jhenkar (a small version of the Neverending Story dragon). I also painted two Red Box Games miniatures, Derek the Dim and Hvitarnor (first time doing a 5-o'clock shadow). Lots of experimenting with TMM and NMM. Just having fun, trying things and enjoying making progress...

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      Link to the Live Kickstarter:
      From DGS Games,
      "We will launch the Eclipse Sisterhood kickstarter campaign on the afternoon of February 14th 2017.
      This project will produce the six core models of the faction: leader, caster, two heroes and two followers. And as many stretches as our fans help us reach! For the Traazorites, that was four models. Let's show the Empire these fierce women can do even better!"

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      This is the Bodyguard (DGS Games SKU71318).   No reason you cannot dress the way you like while guarding your employer...

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      One of the last pieces I painted for 2016, a sarayad, or noble dryad from DGS Games.  She is going to really surprise some PCs one day. 

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