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Eando Kline w/ Lute


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This mini was painted for my newest player who was playing a Bard of Persian-analog decent. The lute is from the musical instrument pack. I googled images of lutes and decided to go with a traditional alternating stain finish for the underside and my wife ( the family musician) convinced me to do the face as a modern sunburst finish (achieved with a wet-blending technique). I finished him in September before I went in for back surgery. (It's been a year and he is one of only two minis I have finished this year.)


I am extremely happy with the lute and the rest of his his acoutrement. I have never done a "Persian" skin tone and I am not entirely happy with my first attempt. I also need to use a better camera, the photos never look like the real thing with my budget model.





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Correct, Inarah. I picked up the habit on my Hordes minis. It is most helpful on round bases, but also with the diagonal mount slotta bases where you can't tell which of two directions the mini is facing.


I also use the Steel Sqwire spell area templates so the dot helps my players figure out where to place their cone effects.

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