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Doug, Zombicide Survivor

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Nice job, this mini reminds me so much of Michael Douglas's Falling Down character.


*pulls out the DVD* Now I have to watch it.




Nicely done.

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Brilliant job, considering the quality of the figure. It's not BAD, but it ain't up to the standards I'm used to. Neat work!

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It's definitely an homage to Falling Down (a great movie), though GG's homages tend to be the KS exclusives.


I think the flesh tones are starting to come together, but I've always enjoyed playing around with those. I'm so ecstatic that the cool white worked out by copying that warm white, that opened a whole lot of doors. And by doors I mean minis that were in the big box with Luther, to be painted when I got a handle on certain techniques.


I'm also digging the freehand base, glad you guys like that part. I wasn't really sure where to go with the base, as it's a game piece meant to be used. I pulled a board tile out and started looking at swatches and it was way more purple than I had pictured it. The main color is dark elf highlight, with some of the stone grey triad washed over it (and some dark elf highlight glazed back over, etc). The lines are the highlight of the stone grey triad with cracks painted with dark elf skin (matching the cracks on the board art) and stippled with dark elf highlight (my stippling needs work). I should've transferred the lines from the board onto the base rather than just winging it, so it matched on the board, but it looks cool anyway.

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The clothes turned out incredible, I'd definitely call your experimenting with white a success!!! :bday:


I love your attention to the little details, like the pens in his pocket, and his watch. Those are what really add another layer of awesome to a figure, imho. His glasses turned out very nicely, but (and this is probably due to the fact that I can't see him in person) they looked more like sunglasses to me. :unsure:


It might be due to the angle of the pictures, but the gun in his right hand doesn't look quite...finished to me. It's hard to explain, but it's like the highlights got washed out or something.


I think I recall your mentioning that you were just going for "tabletop" with this guy, and if that's the case, I hope that my work is someday equal to your "tabletop" quality! ^_^

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First off, thanks for all the kind words everyone!


Boot, I think you're on to something (as usual). I think I did one face of that gun first and when I do nmm I start with highlights as a guide and go back in after with midtones to knock everything down and re-apply highlights as needed. I think I forgot to re-apply! Ah, well.


As far as 'tabletop', I struggle with the concept :) While spending six hours or so on the survivors isn't too bad, I'm going to have to really get moving on the zombies, there are just so many of them.


The glasses...I don't know what's up with that oddity in the sculpts. The survivalist dude in the season 1 box has the same weird thick glasses.

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