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Dear Reaper: Please help me justify my giant bones minis.


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EvilJames - I don't think you are the only one. I think scenarios or other rules to use him would be fun, but 1) I don't play warlord so I can not particpate in the kind of discussion you would like to have (and I have a feeling most of us here are in the same ocean going vessel) and 2) have no association with Reaper to say whether or not this will or will not happen.


However, I have a suggestion. Maybe you should build rules to use Kajira and then get them up on the internet somewhere for others to enjoy. Hey, who knows maybe they will become a great unofficial supplement to the game, and then you get have your reason to get him. :lol:

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I think the "giant" Bones aren't something that you would want to use frequently, as they would lose their impact. They're the kind of threat that builds and builds throughout a campaign, and is then unleashed (possibly when the players thought it was a bluff). I think of them as being the "epic boss monsters" that players talk about years later.


The fact that the figures will be significantly more expensive once they hit retail is another factor, but ultimately I'd say that you should go for the figures you like. That way, regardless of whether or not it winds up getting used (or how often), you'll still enjoy.

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I WILL use the Gladys (The Great Mother Worm) and George against my players, don't ye doubt! Whether they are used in an actual gaming session or used to keep the unruly in line, they have their purposes.

My players will probably re-name both of them. They shall call them "Tableflip."

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      Here are two little guys for the new year: Bones vege-(or vegy-)pygmies, sculpted by Kevin Williams. 
      In the game lore, they are plant creatures arising from infestations of russet mold, so I wanted to incorporate rusty orange- and red-browns with the green.  
      (And if you're still in the holiday spirit, you can sing a rousing round of "Rusty the Moldman".)
      I spent about 2-3 hours on each. 
      It was fun to play with a few oranges, reds, and purples, along with the greens. 
      I thought about adding foliage or other material on the bases, but decided to call these two done for now.
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      As you continue exploring the cathacomb, you catch sight of a ghastly humanoid creature walk in your direction. The stench of death and rot lingered around its undead forms. You recognize with horror, a minion of the dark necromancer queen Kiaransalee. This is a 77159, Ghast sculpted by James Van Schaik.



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      Well, finally painted him - and I'm pretty satisfied. I heavily borrowed/copied from this post: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84520-77594-solar-angel/#comment-1788530, 
      It went better than I expected.

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      I may end up doing a bunch of image dumps - I've painted a lot this year and maybe I should just post them in sets. 

      This one, though, deserves its own post, I think.  I painted up the Green Dragon Hatchling from waaaay back in Bones 2, showed it to my wife, and she made some suggestions - so here you have it painted up as a Swamp Dragon from the Discworld, as kept by Lady Sybil of Ankh-Morpork.  I gave them a collar and name plate, and since they're a tame dragon, I gave them a few chew toys, including a Rolly Ball just like Rex of "Snake Discovery," as can be seen here:
      Comments, criticisms, and suggestions welcome!

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      It's Krampus time! 🙂
      So, the challenge here was to use the Holiday Paint Set as the main/core palette.  Which turned out to be a no challenge at all.  This figure is pretty much calling for a certain palette to be used on it.  Never the less, the fun has been had with this one 🙂 
      All sorts of comments are always welcomed!

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