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The Sacred and the Profane Part II - the Profane, gaarew's WIP's...


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Figured it was about high time I got my butt back into the swing of painting again, following a bit of a lack of hobby mojo after moving house, so, here goes with my WIP thread. Also, I kinda said I'd do it in the November Painting Goals thread, so, even if I don't lift a brush this month, at least I've knocked one of my pledges off the list...


Now, following my normal pattern of painting, this is gonna go one of two ways. I'll either be a furious hotbed of activity, where I burn through minis like nobody's business, or it will end up neglected. Sometimes I have great enthusiasm for a project, tempered by occasional bursts of wanting to throw the lot in the bin, so, we'll see.


So, what is this gonna be all about then?


Well, it's not gonna be about any particularly fancy stuff, no blending, OSL, or any sort of masterclass work. No, what I can (tentatively) promise you, is hopefully more than sporadic updates into what I'm doing, probably flitting from project to project, a preponderance of blue (it seems to creep into most of what I do), some very shady photography, an over-abundance of ellipsis, some self-deprication and, in my own head anyway, some humour. If you stick around, you might even see some minis with paint on them,..


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So, by means of introduction to my little area of painting mayhem, I figured I'd better show off my workspace (which is in the process of being reorganised and tidied up to hopefully spur me on to actually doing something.) It's also on my list of Painting Pledges, so, am being pretty crafty knocking that off the list too without any real work involved.


Ok, so my workspace is kinda big... Kinda big to the point where I can't get it all in one picture without standing almost outside the lair... So, you lucky viewers get 3 technicolour shots of, where I'd love to say the magic happens, but will settle for, where I paint... :blink:


From the left








From the right






So, yeah, that is a 6ft something board, so, for the mathematically challenged, it is approximately 60ft of paint storage. I have my Wargames Foundry, Army Painter, P3 (all full ranges), then some Vallejo's and Reaper paints (from the previous KS), as well as a few random paints and stuff. Most of my GW paints are still in boxes underneath the desk...



So, yeah, my not so little haven from real life. Next up, the Wall of Shame, no mere shelf for me, I don't do things by half... because it is in itself a WIP, as I try to organise my display cabinets with what I want to keep, and what I should get shot of, as I'll never get around to painting it/what the hell were you thinking buying that... So, hold on tight, there are 8 of them. I'll give each it's own post, there might be a few (OK, more than a few) finished minis in there, and they will make it to the Showcase thread (when I get around to making it), but like I said, the entire bank of cabinets and contents is a large-scale WIP. (Week in Procrastinating)

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Cabinet 1 Rebel Minis 15mm Sci-fi Scourge. And a lot of empty bases/trays for where I want the army to be in terms of *a good size*




Privateer Press Khador, Wargames Foundry Beastmen for God of Battles, some WF Greek Fantasy, couple of Copplestone Castings 15mm Barbarians, a solitary Stonehaven Dwarf Zombie, some Mantic Undead for War of the Ring and Wyrd Miniatures Cult of December.




Privateer Press Farrow/Retribution/Pirates, a few of the original Bones, Tor Gaming Relics Orcnar and Britanan starters.




Lots of teeny-wee blue Beastmen for Demonworld, and some Splintered Light Cave Imps.



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Cabinet 2


Games Workshop Wood Elves. In my defence, the only time I ever ran this army, it was a Wood army, and didn't include any Elves. Not even dead ones...




Various Games Workshop Lord of the Rings stuff





This is just a mess... Lord of the Rings, a Khador Uhlan, a Cryx Seether, a Treekin, some Chaos Hounds...




More Lord of the Rings, a PP Dire Troll, a Mantic 3up Zombie, Forgeworld Necron figure, and some Confrontation Wolfen.





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Cabinet 3


PP Carnivean and Shredder, Heresey Werewolf, Old Crow Tank, couple of GW Lizardmen Stegadons, Hitech Minis Not-Nurgle lord, Tor Gaming Relics Nuem.




Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai/Isengard Army




Spartan Games Dystopian Legions Kingdom of Britania starter plus some extras.





GW 40K Tanks and more Lord of the Rings




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Cabinet 4


Games Workshop Ogre Kindoms





More Ogres (along with pic 4, this should be about 2400 points)





And some more Ogres, these are just filler really, gonna have to do an Ogre Horde at some point....





Whoodahthunk it... Even more Ogres, this was a previous super exciting project that lasted all of two minutes...




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Cabinet 5


Games Workshop Necrons





Mantic Warpath Starter (my old Pathfinder Demo set)





Reaper Stuffz! Kargir army, and some Undead I'm trying to make an Egyptian style Undead army for God of Battles out of.




Another OMG, somebody just threw up a load of minis mess type shelf. Wood Elves, Undead, Cygnar, Beastmen, more Lord of the Rings. Other stuff...




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Cabinet 6


Mantic Dwarfs




More Mantic Dwarfs. And a couple of Wargames Foundry Stonethrowers.




Some Resin Bases. I have an unhealthy addiction to them... Plus a movement tray, a wee house, and some Splintered Light Cave Imp Lizard swarms.




Warmaster Chaos Army, Zombies, Chaos Space Marines, and stuff...




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Cabinet 7


More Lord of the Rings, some homemade movement bases for Kings of War, and a bigass Heresey Demon




More Lord of the Rings, a lonely Chaos Warrior, and more surprisingly, a glimpse of the sun on a cold November morning in Scotland...





Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Undead.





Yet more Lord of the Rings, some Wargames Foundry Vikings, and Mantic Orcs.




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Cabinet 8


Surprisingly more Lord of the Rings, Mantic Undead, reflected paints...




Beastmen, Bones, Bloodbowl,




Lizardmen and Warmachine stuff




More Warmachine and Undead






Phew, that's a lot of WIPPING... Don't get me started on the tabletop, floor, bookcases, cupboards or various boxes/drawers etc...


Edited by gaarew
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Holy Cramoley! How long have you been in the hobby, amassing a collection of that magnitude?


I love your painting desk. More specifically, I love the selection of paints you have at hand! No space for a monitor or screen though. What do you do while you're painting? I like to put movies on the tablet, or listen to records. Got anything like that in the room?

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