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Caleb's WIP using cheap LED party lights and painting my bones.


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There is a board game day coming up and I wanted to do something cool for my dungeon crawl I am planning.

I already got Dwarven Forge tiles from a kickstarter so I have the makings of a 3D dungeon which I will uncover room by room as the players progress.

But, I still want to do something cool looking and I wanted to do it without any budget.

So I got a batch of dirt cheap mini LEDs. $4 for a bag of 10. Pretty large but cheap.


I then hacked the base of some cheap Warcraft miniatures that are translucent. (I am going to use the bones translucent miniatures with this but I wanted to test it out on some cheap miniatures first.)



After trying a few things I found out that Ms. Dash caps were the EXACT size for not only Warcraft miniatures but also large D&D miniatures as well!




A bit of reusable tack putty was all that was need to make sure that the miniature stayed on it's Ms. Dash base with LEDs in it.

Here you can see the effect! All the coolness of LEDs without the pain of having to deal with wires.





I also did a larger base with a direct hole. The skeletons and the ghost that I painted look great! Hopefully I can figure out a way to use this method with the dungeon tiles to get a nice effect.









The next step is to make these http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/05/18/simply-a-bright-idea/and then use Vitamin Water caps (also a perfect fit for Warcraft bases).



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I searched ebay for the best deal. I got a buy it now auction but the person isn't selling any more of them.


They are these kind.




I would assume you can look in your local craft store or browse ebay like I did to find the best deal. There might even be the Halloween equivalent on clearance somewhere.

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