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Dadcubed's Desk of Endeavours - WIP


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More progress tonight. Happier still with Dubios, I must top fiddling with her flesh colour. I think I am going to have to buy a skin tutorial. I've seen a DVD and a paint set I like. Ape-X looks cool too. They're going to look great on their clear bases. I boiled some more chronoscope bones tonight.







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I'm close to what I wanted to achieve with my background. Not quite there. I need to revisit the lighting. The last photo show the focus chafed which gives the full concept I'm trying to archive. Comments welcomed!


Background but going to remove the OSL as completely not the effe I was looking for after re-focus in last photo.




Un blurred





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Your 6x4 table...just a top, or a top with legs? What did you use for it? Plywood, mdf, and what thickness? Any bracing, etc? How'd you treat the edges?


I've got some constructing to do next year.....

The 6 x 4 table is 3 x 2x4 pieces. They are 1/2 MDF I believe.


I cut grass roll to make roads in between the pieces of grass. Then I painted the roads brown. Then I

PVA'd the grass roll to the board and toped up the edges of the roads with grass.


BUT. In retrospect my next board I will still use MDF and have 3 x 2x4 pieces but I will use flock to coat the board next time. Price wise it makes no difference but the flock is easier to control and you don't get bubbles. I'd still put roads and maybe a marsh or two painted on then flock father that. I should also of PVA'd each side before adding flock to minimise warping.


The PVA was watered down otherwise its just too thick!

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Photography practice.


Light box and one light, I have a second brighter bulb to use as my primary but need the lamp itself. This was taken with my iPhone. I'm hoping to get a micro lens for the Nikon though. Desperate to take better photos.



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I need to paint more bones! Based on my home sculpted and cast forest bases ready for paint in Feb. there's about 11 humanoids and the ettin in total ready for undercoat on warm ish day then can start painting Feb.













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