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Dadcubed's Desk of Endeavours - WIP


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Great looking bases. How many do you get out of 1kg of resin and do you add filler?


Final Count is in. I now have ready to go:


Small – 20mm square bases – 98

Medium – 25mm square bases – 100+

Cavalry Bases – 25 x 50mm - 18

Large – 50mm square bases – 24

Huge – 75mm bases – 15

Gargantuan – 100mm square bases – 8


Here is a little run down of bases vs bones II mini + CR Pathfinder


20mm – Derro (CR3),

25mm - Gnolls (CR1), Bugbears (CR2), Hobgoblins (CR1/2), Ghast (CR1), Basilisk (CR5)

25x50mm –

50mm – Chimera (CR7), Centaurs (CR3), Minotaurs (CR4), Troll (CR5), Stone Giant (CR8)

75mm – Burrowing Horror (CR7/Bulette), Goroloth (CR7 / Aboleth)

100mm – Dragon Turtle (CR9 / Giant Snapping Turtle)


100mm – Silver Dragon (CR-Size – Depending on age).

100mm – Blight Fang, Green Dragon (CR-Size – Depending on age).


I have plenty of the Bones I mini’s to base up to of course.


I have also cast up a load of barrels, boxes, chests and treasure to spruce up the larger bases!


If you were making just 25mm bases and you got the molds made up ready to go I think you could make 500 bases from a Kilo of resin.

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Reaper Update: September


September has been a busy month for me in hobby and out. On Thursdays I have continued to run the Old School adventure Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands (Raging Swan Publishers). This adventure is an old theme with a very modern design and editing ethos. Thankfully because of the layout of the book and superb editing it has been easy to prepare for each week. My Pathfinder players are enjoying it enormously and also the fine painted miniatures I am bringing to the table.


I set myself some September targets as follows:


1) Finish up barbarian, spiders, snakes and bandits and post photos to forum

2) Paint a Kagunk, Ogre Boss

3) Paint Caracter models for RP details confirmed this week

4) Paint Pirates x 5

5) Base CR 1-7 Monsters and Green Stuff, under coat


I feel that I have done exceptionally well this month however did become diverted from my target by the following:


1)   Preparing, basing , undercoating and then starting the colossal giant skeleton

2)   Preparing, basing and undercoating 18 Trey’s dvergr! Metal and they needed filing, trimming and then pinning to my resin bases

3)   Preparing, basing, undercoating and then painting some dungeon wear boxes, food stuffs and barrels.


It was only the pirates that I didn’t start at all. And I need to complete Kagunk in Octobers targets.


Without further ado. Here is everything I completed in September. Some of the characters were directly from the shelf of shame and therefore I have reduced the number of half started / finished projects that I have! Hazaarrr!


My photography skills are rubbish. Once I have a bigger house I’ll have a light box always set up. These are tabletop standard quality so close ups reveal some terrible short cuts in my painting. I’m keen on getting a huge number of Bones encounters painted up for playing Pathfinder. I’ll certainly be taking much more time on, for instance the Trey Dvergr.








































Undercoated Trey Dvergr pirate FaaarrrrScale.






Loads of Monsters ready to paint all winter








Loving this model!





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Loving the bases you did, especially those green shots of them!

It's more or less exactly what I was planning to do before we moved and all my stuff got packed away. ::(:

We've got to move in with my mother in law for 4-5 months whilst our house has an extension built on it and I am dreading everything being packed away! I'll need to line up enough undercoated models to have plenty of painting to do. :o

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Well from initial concept through design process a great new logo and posters for the club. Luckily a club member who is an illustrator got involved and made some excellent work of the poster, business cards and flyers. The winter is a good time in England to pick up new club members. 



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Kagunk WIP

Colossal Skeleton WIP

Pathfinder characters - Elf in blue needs some finishing but for now she's fine for gaming

Khador Rifle colour scheme - Base needs snowing

Eiryss WIP


All table top quality :)

























Edited by Dadcubed
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I am being highly distracted by huge amounts of RL stuff. Thankfully all of this is going to peak early next year and by 2016 I will have lots of stuff sorted that has been on going for the last year. Im going to have to plan what I want to hobby / paint out of my collection for an 8 month period whilst we move out of our house and have a huge extension built!! How do you plan 8 months of hobbling when your a hobby magpie!! argh! lol

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Had a couple of big real life wins last week so good times. Furthermore I am back to painting as of today! Thanks for inspiration Buglips et al.




Giant purple worm photos and two heroes pictures coming soon!!

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