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Have you ever thought of a non traditional leathery brown dragon like you see in movies ? Non D&d chromatic or metalic dragons?


Like ring of fire, dragonslayer and dragon heart. Leathery brown or earthy tones like you would see in a komodo dragon.

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No, I guess it will be chromatic rather than naturalistic. Although if you search for orange dragon you will find lizards that are orange and pretty much look like the orange Diabolus that is on the cover of the box it came in.


I'm glad I haven't figured out how to paint it, yet. There are still huge gaps (wings, neck and leg) I will have to fill out with Milliput first.

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Before I start the dragon I tried some techniques on the Jabberwock. The dragon is ready to go next - all holes plugged :)


I don't really like the Jabberwock model. The bones material is too weak to support his weight so he got a second base. And since I didn't really care for him, I didn't pay too much attention to detail, forgive me.






And remember, you asked for a little more tender care for the bases. There you have it. Its all on you, don't blame me!

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