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Alien VS Predator Miniatures Games

Darsc Zacal

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Aliens, Predators, and Marines. Oh my!


KS now LIVE!




According to the AVP facebook page. Looks like CMON is only involved in distribution this time and not in production. Lots of negativity over them being involved in this at all. Looks like delays in delivery of past CMON projections and the disappointments over Sedition Wars is causing much hand wringing across the interwebz.


EDIT: updated with link.

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It appears they haven't completed fulfillment on their last Kickstarter yet. Not necessarily a concern. Just saying. They seem to be being accountable and up front. I was just readings comments over there. They say Prodos only existed as a company a month before their first Kickstarter. That's quite a leap to handling an AvP game.

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Warzone is running late but it is currently shipping. I didn't end up with a proper pledge, just the minimum to get in on the pledge manager, which turned out to be such a horrible experience that I left it to get everything at retail.

It hasn't put me off backing this but I will be making sure everything is double checked and covered in my pledge before the end.

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