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Alien VS Predator Miniatures Games

Darsc Zacal

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I'm dropping out.



Me? No sir. I was in AVP against my better judgement, but made my will save. ;)



Ugh, 4hrs left, and I'm back in.


LoL - This time I managed to sit on my hands for the entire last 15 minutes. I'll probably be sorry later but I just saw my current CC status and AvP on top of that would have been Brutal.


Congratz all, on another successful KS.

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Bumping this as the game was due out to backers this month and I'm curious as to what's happening.


I didn't back but was interested in some of the minis. From the comments and updates on kickstarter it looks like there's been some issues. Not sure exactly what they are but was hoping any backers here could tell us.

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Communication with 20th Century Fox has been slow and they need their approval to sign off on the miniature designs. If I recall correctly, those that have been shown as completed renders or prints are already confirmed, it's a few like the Crusher and the guys from the AvP arcade game that are still outstanding. As they don't want to deal with a tide of angry emails* from backers they've kept the pledge manager open until all the renders are confirmed.



*Well... angrier.... Delays due to a third party are definitely the lesser evil over closing ihe pledge manager down before it's even known what some miniatures will look like.



EDIT: Actually crusher is done and confirmed so it's only a couple or so minis holding things up


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Some of those remind me of the old Aliens toys that came out years ago.  I remember there was a bull alien with a headbutt action, a gorilla alien that hugged, and a scorpion alien that... exploded.  I never quite understood the last one...

There were a whole bunch of weird ones, the designs were for a cartoon series that never made it out of production.


More on the whole toy range here:

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