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Reapers, Anima Tactics and one ancient Ral Partha

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Wow! I love these! They are amazing. On the one hand they have such crispness and reality to them, such as the dirt on the gladiator's boots, the shine on his metal, the creases on Action Jackson's pants. On the other hand there is something about these that reminds me of seeing a painting on canvass.

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Thanks for the compliments! As for the white, I generally base with Reaper's Cloudy Grey and then cover this with Misty Grey, leaving the Cloudy Grey visible only in the creases. I then add increasing amounts of white to Misty Grey until it's almost white. I apply white VERY sparingly on the very tops of creases. You have to be careful with white because if you aren't careful, too much can make the figure look either too flat or unnaturally bright. Think of it like this: when you look at something white, like a coffee cup or a shirt, you're generally looking at a very pale version of whatever the underlying color is, be it grey or beige or whatever. The glints of light on the white coffee cup are the only true white on there. Other than that, my advice is the same as everyone's: thin paint and always move your brush from dark to light.


For those who wanted to see the angel's back:


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