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Citadel Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolf Pack - Or simply some nice wolf models...


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Due to overwhelming demand (smoking wreckage asked once), I'm posting a couple of pics of my recently-ish-finished Fenrisian Wolf Pack models. While obviously designed by GW for 40k and their Space Wolves, I liked them since they're simply some nice wolf models with dynamic poses. I picked these up from the eBay, so they were already assembled and sprayed black. Actually, I picked up 3 sets, but I plan to do the other 2 sets of five as Black and White wolves, respectively - and that hasn't happened yet.


I decided to use them as my first foray into oil paint washes, so with

from Chung / Wargames Consortium as my guide, and a trip to the local art supply store under my belt, off I went. These were the results:








I intend to use these wolves (and the other 10, plus all those older-school ones I still need to paint) across several systems. 40k (if I ever paint up some of those Space Wolves thingies), LotR SBG/WotR, Kings of War, even (maybe) DeadZone if I ever play it (replacing those awful Mawbeasts). I found these wolves to be pretty good, but not quite as nice as I’d hoped. What I’m not so keen on however is the fur on the side of their torsos and upper legs. Clearly a result of digital sculpting rather than more traditional methods, they've overlaid a “leaf” pattern of fur (more visible in my first and third photos) rather than sculpting the whole of the bodies in a more traditional manner, as they have for the manes. So that was a little disappointing, but I guess it's not like you can easily spot it unless you're looking for it.
Overall, though. I’m happy with the models and the way they turned out. I don’t think the Black Wolves will need an Oil Wash, so they’re just needing to sneak into the paint queue past the Ogres and Elves. The white ones need a bit more than that however. Once they’re all painted, I’ll do some more-better nice shots of the entire pack.


A couple more pics on the blog for those interested with WIP. I don't want to spam too much here. :)






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Thank you all for the compliments! They're pretty nice models I think, and just because GW decided to tag them with "Space Wolves" doesn't really mean anything, since there are no Bio-Mechanical or cyborg parts to them anyway. They sell one wolf like that as a kind of stand-alone model, and there are a couple that are used for mounts, but these ones are fine for any game that needs some wolves in it.



How fragile are those minis? The dynamic poses look cool, but most have only one leg touching the ground.


They are a bit fragile, but if you're careful they should be ok as they're made of hard plastic - so quite light. I could see using them for Warhams or D&D or Pathfinder or any game with a lot of handling as long as they're treated with the same care as other miniatures (excepting perhaps, Bones which can survive crushing or being thrown at your friends!)


The one landing on one paw was actually broken shortly after painting my by wife who (claims) she "just bumped it" while putting down a glass or plate (so yeah, it was probably like the hammer of the gods from the wolf's perspective). I was fortunately able to drill and pin the leg and save the model. I imagine that particular "bump" would have broken any smallish/thin piece of hard pvc plastic models, so a wing or sword or banner pole would likely have suffered the same fate...

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