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WIPs From the TARDIS: Yemphima Puts Down an Intruder

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Step 1 - submerge Instant Mold in hot (not quite boiling water)

Step 2 - push item to be molded into Instant Mold

Step 3 - let cool, then remove original

Step 4 - fill mold with material of choice

Step 5 - let material harden/cure

Step 6 - remove copy and enjoy.


And Instant Mold is reusable - just stick it on hot water and repeat Step 1.

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Cool. I'm not sure I've every seen somebody use instant mold either. Looks like it produced a good copy.


How stiff is the mold material when it's hot? I would have been afraid of the bones material softening and making a distorted impression, but it doesn't look like that happened here.

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Instamold feels like silly putty when it is hot - you are able to handle it easily with bare hands. The important part of the process is to make sure you let it cool completely before taking out the item you just made a mold of. When it is cooled, it will go back into a solid for. It's bendy but firm.


My favorite use of this item is to create bases out of dental plaster. I've built up a pretty good base library for my gaming group. Lately, I've been creating silicone molds to cast terrain features in resin. I haven't tried resin yet with the Instamold material. I'm a little concerned since resin emits heat during the curing process - I'll post my findings once I try it out.


Another tip is not to buy Instamold. This material is a kids toy in Japan where kids use it to make toys and jewelry. You can get a large amount of this product for much less than the equivalent amount under this brand name. Just go to ebay and search for:

Oyumaru Instant Mold Moulding Compound

Don't worry about what colour you get - they all work the same.

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