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Maelee the Mechanic-Bombshell Babe


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Well, the pink definitely catches the eye! Though if I were looking for something other than beige, I'd probably go for a denim blue.

I really like the skin tone; last time I tried to paint a "sexy" woman figure (one of the Chronoscope ladies of the night - Lexxxie, apparently) she kind of looked like... well, like a crack ho. I do believe I could do better now, though.

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I do like the color choice on that one Anne. I think you should have stepped out of your comfort zone on the basing though (its a lovely base by the way), but she would have looked stunning on some kind of concrete or rusted up steel flooring. She is a mechanic after all!

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At first I agreed about the base being a little off, but after a second glance...there's enough dirt showing that I can see this being the edge of an unpaved road...I see some good ole' boy sitting on the back of the deuce and a half he picked up surplus from goodness-knows-where, having run it into a mud pit or a tree...then Maelee shows up in her flatbed Ford, slows down to take a look, hops out of the cab with her favorite wrench..."y'all havin trouble?"


I figure the GOB is driving a deuce and a half because it's the only thing that'd pretend to justify that wrench.


Yes, I referenced the Eagles for no good reason, y'all're welcome.


To the point, I actually like this base with this mini, although it would be very fun to see what you could do, Anne, with an oil-stained garage floor or similar.


Also on topic...I like the pink a bunch. I don't necessarily agree that babes don't wear beige, but I do agree that this one looks good in pink. And you've given it a nice saturation, so it doesn't look powdery (which is my problem with painting pink).

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