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So, I'm running my group through the "A" series, and they are currently going through A1.


I have noticed....discrepancies on the map.


I usually consider my Google-Fu to be strong, but I am completely stumped on this.


Does anyone know of an errata sheet that is out there somewhere?


Specific Questions:


Room 8 - Where do the stairs down lead to?


Rooms 16-18: Am I correct that the only access to this part of the temple is through the portcullis in area 16?


I have checked "Scourge of the Slave Lords," the map is exactly the same, and I do have a copy of "Against the Slave Lords," but I don't want to break the shrink on a book that cost me 40 bucks unless I HAVE to.


In my experience with the reprints, they didn't do any error checking, and actually created a few in the OCR process, anyway.


Thanks in advance!

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It's been a while, but I'll see if I can help. There are two staircases to the lower level, one in 8 and the other in an unlabelled room just east of that. The one in 8 is under the crypt in the middle of the room, it leads toward chamber 21 on the lower level. It's confusing because the direction is wrong, the staircase must make a 180 degree turn mid way to fit the drawing. Then there is a second stair to the south east of that, it isn't actually in the graveyard, there are actually two separate chambers, probably a mortuary or caretakers room that aren't labelled. That stair leads to the lower level near 5 and 8, the giant ant lair. Then there is a third access to the lower level connecting 12a on the upper level with 7 on the lower. This is just a trap door access though.


You could get in to 16a through the roof of 11, which has been badly burned and collapsed in places. Otherwise the portcullis at 16 is the only way in.

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Break it out, start playing!


Yanno, in between painting like 30,000 minis, and still picking up your axe, of course. :)

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hmmm. Our Dm has a bunch of first and second edition stuff. I wonder how long it would take me to convert to Pathfinder.....I could maybe handle DMing from a module....

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hmmm. Our Dm has a bunch of first and second edition stuff. I wonder how long it would take me to convert to Pathfinder.....I could maybe handle DMing from a module....


I am about to wrap up a campaign cobbled together from half a dozen basic D&D modules, three or four Dungeon Magazine articles, and a lot of spit and polish. The players have just started the finale adventure, based on X5: The Temple of Death. I've been running the whole thing using 2nd edition AD&D. (I might have gone for something more recent, but the conversion would have been more work and... laaaaazy...)


It's been fun, and it definitely took some of the writing work off my shoulders.

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I think it would be pretty easy to convert the slavelords to pathfinder. I just looked through the first module and it contains mostly iconic creatures, like basilisks and ogres. Most encounters are with humans or half-orcs, because it's 1e there are assassins, but they can easily be swapped for rogues of the same level. Most spells and magic items have pathfinder equivalents, the only outlier was a dagger +1, +2 vs. magic users and enchanted creatures, that could easily become a +1 magebane dagger. Bracers AC 6 become +4 bracers of armour. There are a couple creatures that don't have pathfinder counterparts, a giant sundew and aspis, but they have stats in the module so finding an alternate shouldn't be hard. The moonflower would make a good substitute for the sundew, I don't see a close equivalent of the aspis though.

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