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Undead Assembly

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So, I've decided to try my hand at batch and speed painting... First post here is of the raw product after warp corrections. Zombies, mummies, and skeletons from the 2012 KS...



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Here we are base coated with a dark walnut brown. I like a dark base coat to hide recesses that I may not reach. I am going for tabletop quality so I'm trying not to kill myself on these minor baddies... Sorry for the distracting background and poor photos... Using my phone.



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This is going to be fun to watch. Arise my minions! ARISE!


Seriously, speed painting skellies makes sense. I would say you might want to take some time to individualize the shield, but it depends on the end goal for the miniatures,

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You picked a good group to speedpaint. Skellies and mummies are super fast, zombies a bit more time consuming (especially the "Thriller" ones with torn pants all over the place) but can still be done in pretty efficient batches, and the ghast, which I just painted up the other day, is surprisingly easy as well, as long as you aren't dead-set on getting the skin blending perfect. Looking forward to seeing how these guys turn out for you!

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Thanks for the encouragement!


I had to quit last night after laying down the base coat. It took a little too long to dry, and I had to get sleep before work today. I hope to work on them more tomorrow. I've spent a grand total of about 30 min. on them so far. That time includes the time it took to fix the warped bits, but not the dry time. I think I sat there for a good half hour or more staring at them and surfing the forum here hoping they would dry.

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      It's a really fun to paint mini that is annoying hard to photograph, but I think I did a decent job on him.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      For my Shifting Sands Project I wanted a Casket of Souls / Altar of the Damned.
      I scratchbuilt the altar from foam with the help of a Greenstuffworld rollerpin I gave it an Egyptian look.
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      One unoffending pic ( thx @Rigel)

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