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Painting Death discussion


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So The Inner Geek brought up an interesting idea in my Workbench thread. I've been needing a kick in the pants to start painting my Kingdom Death stuff, and Trystan can use a kick in the butt to finish painting his :bday:


I hope we can get enough people to make this interesting. I think setting it up like the Beauty Pageant would be easiest unless there is enough interest to maybe solicit judges.


One idea would be to group paint the same model, again ala Inarah's Pageant. Given the subject matter, the most disturbing things are out for the Reaper forums. Also, no T though I'm not sure where the line is for A, given there is some cheek but most wear bottoms of some sort (if we go the pinup route). Which is another consideration, I think we should stay away from the first release limited edition stuff and stick to general release, or maybe currently available models (which means mostly pinups).


Looking over my drawer, and skipping models that fall into the aforementioned prohibited categories, here's my preliminary list of candidates (I have dupes of the 1st run saviors and TKs, if there's enough interest in those..):


Female Survivor (not 1st)

Forsaker (not 1st)

Flower Knight (not 1st)

Dung Beetle Knight (still available)

Pinup Great Game Hunter

Pinup Savior (yeah, Trys is almost done with this one)

Pinup Survivor

54mm Pinup Twilight Knight


Another route could be just painting whatever strikes your fancy or having people pick/vote for what they want to see us paint from our lists.


We also need to look at timelines, taking care to avoid other contests. I'm thinking of running it fairly soon given holiday time is good for some of us to paint. Balancing not being strict about deadlines (eh, no prizes but bragging...but if we get enough interest I'll approach Poots) vs enough deadline to make us push through it. I'd definitely like to have one of these in my case when I hit ReaperCon.


I'm really intimidated as I've never prepped or painted resin before, and I really hadn't intended cracking these open until I had been painting a few years. So I hope we can get a bunch of people to join in!

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The hardest part of painting the same thing is it's nigh improbable that many of us have the same minis considering the scarcity of many.


My thoughts would be do this one as an open challenge and then, once the board game is out, choose something that a lot of people have.

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I also lack KD stuff, due to price and extremely limited availability. (This is also another reason I love Reaper, I love knowing I'll be able to buy a mini when I actually have the one to buy it, and not when the company wants me to have money to buy it.) :blush:

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I only have pinup versions

White Speaker Kisya

White Speaker

Great Game Hunter Julia

Preacher Wendy

Savior Morgan


I have no idea of the availability of any of these or if any of them were limited editions. I think there was a sale somewhere. Oh there maybe another one that was in a bigger box, maybe a Twilight Knight

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