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One day, when I'm a better painter perhaps.



Well, who wants to tell her?


Don't know how to break this to you but you are a better painter already. And improving. I can understand the relationship you have with your work, the whole "once it's done get it gone from my sight" thing. A lot of artists feel that way, but you need to at least give yourself some of the credit you're due. Also, if you wait for the day when you are completely satisfied with your work...well, don't hold your breath. As long as you always enjoy painting is the most important part, I guess.

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As always, loving your work Anne.


Speaking for myself, I don't have enough time to look at or respond to every forum post so tend to simply click on the like button if I see something I like. With that said, even if I did have time, I just don't have enough painting skill to give you any meaningful comment beyond - I like it (and the like button accomplishes that!).

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I worked hard on this and I'm getting at least one comment out of it, even if it is mine so here goes.


Anne, that's pretty good, but you don't have enough contrast. You really should have done more lining and deepened the shadows along the thighs.


Now I'm going to go comment on other peoples work and bury this bloody thread.


I know I'm not overly vocal on the forums, and sometimes it takes me a while to see things (sometimes I'm a lurker, too). I'd say that these are better than a lot of people would consider tabletop - and a nice color palette. It's good to step outside of your color comfort zone sometimes.


If you're really looking to push contrast, I'd say take the highs up as well as looking at the shadows. I'm looking at a lot of high-contrast paintjobs myself these days and trying to challenge myself in this regard. Looking forward to seeing the others in this set!

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These Skoli are really nicely painted and pop out at you. This is a good thing. I agree about silver taking the photo over, unless there's a bunch of it, it's really overpowering.


Also: Free lead? Well-painted free lead? Okay... and wow. Well, when you get ready to, there are a number of us ready to pounce on that deal! Seriously, find a site/place you are comfortable when you get your new setup, and there are plenty who would pay for the paint you sling.

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I have to admit that very often I don't comment after reading through a thread because a) I have nothing useful to add and b) I'm overly critical of my writing. In a way, the lack of comments sort of indicates that you've reached the level of skill where the average person starts to run out of useful or meaningful things to contribute.


It might also be that the forum itself is working against you... Individual Show Off threads don't often show up for long in the "View New Content" top 20, but long-running 'everything' threads tend to get followed and re-surface a bit. If I tried to keep up with everything in these forums, well, I'd never get anything actually *done*!

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