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Old-School Citadel Ogres: An Ongoing Thread... (Updated 1 Mar 2015)


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Thanks Cash. I'll be showing off a lot more of them in the coming weeks. Summer (and Spring, when it's not overcast and raining) usually get me more motivated to paint and play and photograph, amongst other things. The good light (and Aussie summer break) really work for me in that sense.


I'll even show off some nice Space Marines just for you. I'm sure you'll like them - they have some nice freehand on them. ;)

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He looks great! I really like the old school paint scheme you're doing, it looks more 'fantasy-ish' than the current 'everything is grim and dark and muted' thing that GW seems to be doing now. Also, good call on using all the old metal ogres, I like them loads better than the new pot-bellied plastic ones.

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Thank you all. Cash is right, the Reaper forums are filled with quite nice people.


Here's another one. I remember, I painted him from bare metal to done in a single Saturday, many years ago. Still a nice, characterful sculpt, but the memory of painting him entirely in a day especially makes him a special model to me and still gives me the warm fuzzies (though I forget the actual details of the day.)





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Wow, what a lot of fun details and colors.


I admit to still being a bit fuzzy on what "old school" means. I painted minis back in the day, but was not in communication with any other person or organization about them. I was just becoming aware of Citadel when I stopped collecting minis, and it was twenty years before I took them up again, just recently.


I see diffences between these and a lot of what's floating around today, but I don't know what bits are old school and what are your own artistic decisions. I like the yellowish skin tone with the pinkish shading and the bright but not eye-watering colors.

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Well, the whole package is "old-school" in that the Ogre models shown are (at least) 25 years old, the the paintjobs are 10-23 years old (these two being at least 16-18 years old) and so reflect my ability of the day as well as the aesthetics of the day (i.e. circa WHFB3, and early 4th edition, and their contemporary White Dwarves. So no NMM, OSL, etc. The "modern" elements are simply the bases, which use painted sand, a bit of weathering powder and tufts, which have been updated in order to bring the models inline and unify them with my current figures.

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Thank you! :)


Today's pic is "Ogre Thug", another of Jes Goodwin's work (as was the last one, with his ale flask). Since I had more than one of this guy, I decided to convert him a little. I took off his helmet spike, and replaced the head of his mace with a hammer head from some other random figure. This one got painted around 1996 during or just after the Atlanta Olympics, since I gave him an Aussie flag tattoo, as so many of our athletes of the time were wearing on their right shoulders. Also, a big tribal piece, since that was the fashion of the time, and, you know, Ogre.







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    • By planetmut
      Another Ebay find! The base is foamboard, sand, and Vallejo Mud & Grass paint with some Citadel Stirland Battlemire. The model was a ton of fun to paint.



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      As I mentioned in the thread on the Captain with Terminator Honours, here is the best painted Dreadnaught I have done, the trident symbol on the  front is the chapter insignia. Let me know what you think!

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      I thought it would be cool to show off an older model I painted, this one is a vintage Space Marine Captain, painted in the colours of my own Chapter, the Sons of Poseidon.
      Comments and criticisms always wanted, let me know what you think! The model was painted using Army painter paints.

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      So here they are. The Ogre Squad. You can see the WIP here.

      I love how nonchalant and casual this guy looks.

      especially when compared to this guy.

      The oldest of my ogres. Metal and unfinished for years because I was just never happy with him. 

      another angry ogre
      fond of the face(s) on this guy and also the pig. The rope on the barrel was a little frustrating though. It had a mold line right down its length and even though I wasn't doing much line cleaning for these guys that was both a hard one to fix and a hard one to ignore.

      the bones black ogre has the best grumpy ogre face. He painted up nicely with very little clean up to ignore.

      the other metal ogre Kagunk and his amazing shield. This guy sat just primed for a good long while as I just was never sure how to handle the shield face. The older chieften's club face was easier since it was always going to look like wood, but this I had to think about a bit. I think it works pretty well.

      a few attempts at a group shot. Bigger minis are hard to keep all in focus at once.
      There it is then. There are a couple of details I see I still need to do and the metal chieftains need to be sealed. But otherwise that is it for this lot. I did by the other ettin in bones and I might order the other ogre leader and I think I have a bones half ogre around somewhere.  If I paint them I may update this with new squad members. We will see.
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      Finished this a little while ago, but it wasn't until just recently where I was able to get it into an area that's large enough, and has even enough lighting (whoo, b-day gift of a 24" cube light box and lights!)
      This is the terrain element that was included in the Warhammer 40,000 Battle for Macraggae boxed starter set.

      WIP is available over at: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93848-dusting-off-a-few-older-projects-to-finish-off-2020/
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