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03371- Brock Battlebow by Willen

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Wow. That's... that's a nice mini. I'm going to have to agree with Cash on the ONE detail I wanted to see: Something for the fletching (some variant of orange to yellow to contrast the green?)


At any rate, you've done some amazing work, good job!

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Thanks to all. The fletching... I need to disguise it more if it still draws attention. End of the day, however, this mini is going to a diorama and his back will be against a big rock (a reason why I didn't do more detailing to the cape).


But looking at the pics, it is true that it brings the whole mini down, since it looks unfinished. I will probably amp up the contrast with some creamy flesh while I paint some other mini today :)


The base was done rather quickly.

- Basecoat black, painted two layers of dilluted VMC Seaside Grey on the stone, one dilluted coat of craft paint Nutmeg (an orang-y brown) on the dirt. I kept the cracks and stone separations black.

- Washed some Nutmeg on the stones and parts of the cracks to blend the colors.

- Drybrushed the stones with grey to get some more definition. Applied GW Earthshade to the whole base.

- Decided some green would look good. Thinned down some VMC Intermediate Green and applied in "places".

- Drybrushed the dirt and the stones in VMC Ivory.

- Loaded up the brush with Ivory and painted the edges of the stones, and some of the top surface details to make them stand up.

-Cleaned up the black edge all around.


Done :)

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