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I've decided to put myself out there with a miniature I am clueless as to how to paint.

I have a few ideas, but I also am open to suggestions from the forum.

I am going to paint Arrius, Skelatel Warior.

I intend to use some of the techniques that I have been watching.

My "Dragged though the swamp" on Decisions Decisions worked for me, but was a lot of wash

being lost, and covered over.

Think this time I will paint smarter, not heavier.

I will solicit your input, and I hope that you will indulge me with your comments.

If I learn something, so will anyone looking at the topic.


Here is the mini with its primer of Krylon Camo Gray!


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If the robes are telling you they want to have a flame motif then don't argue the point! And red and gold is a classic combination and should look great.


If you're going with red & gold flames on the robes then a blue tinted armour might work. You could try going for a red tinted armour - perhaps like this mini that was done for me in the 2013 Summer Mini Exchange:




(To me It looks like she had steel armour that was painted or enameled in red, but she's been adventuring for some time so some of the colour has been worn or chipped away.)


In your case, I'd make it darker, almost a black, but still definitely red based.

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If you're going to do flames, I would suggest you base in Crimson Red as that is a deep colour an will give you plenty of room to build up to highlights. Also, you're going to be freehanding in those flames, so be sure at the outset to work with thin layers, so when you get done, the finish is still clean.


I wouldn't go with a gold on this guy as he's a skellie. I'd go with a "dirtier" metallic: a copper or a bronze. Both will work with red. Copper has green in it and would look nice with the red.

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It's looking good and I can see that the layers are nice and thin. Are you planning on using a black wash on him?


There is a good way to avoid using washes when working with reds and it's to undercoat in black. You'll wind up with depth of colour and you can layer up your red's easier and quicker with a black undercoat.


Have you decided on the palette for the rest of the figure?

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I have now painted the Armor Antique Bronze.

I really like the way this is looking.

I actually thought it wouldn't look good..

This is high contrast at this stage.

I think Black around the Bronze armor is in order.

Though I am NOW leaning toward a nightmare black (which is almost a midnight blue/black).

That might be a really nice contrast depending on the light !

Need to start thinking about that shield and its background.

Suggestions ?



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Added color to the skull and the hands, and decided to practice with the bronze on the sword script.

Tip loading a brush is a pain in the backside, but sure makes a difference !


Almost have the figure priming done.

I am going to try NOT swamping the figure with wash this time.

(may sound silly, but all of this work to me is creating a canvas to work from).

Instead of destroying it, I think this time I will enhance it.

Can't hurt if I get a great miniature out of it !

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