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77054: Galladon the space wizard

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That robe totally worked, turned out beautifully. The freehand you did on the back of the robe is really nice as well. Did you come up from greys into whites for that? I know what you mean about red. It's a nice colour, but labour intensive. In real life the highlights are there, then you photograph it and the camera doesn't pick those up. Then it's back to the brushes. Yours turned out nicely.

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Thanks, y'all. Given how well the cloak turned out, I'm looking for another project to try it out on. Not quite sure what, yet, but it was so much fun to do I want to do it again.


Slendertroll - I usually work my red highlights up through orange/yellow, rather than straight white. Keeps it from going pink. The upper highlights here are done in Marigold Yellow, a very orangey yellow, and then into Linen white at the top of the highlight. I do a lot of thin glazes with the midtone when I highlight red to bring the color back into the red family...and also to help keep the highlight area small.

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Oh man, if you do the cloak thing on another mini, please please please take pictures along the way. A WIP of this would be so cool!


And thanks for the tip on red! I knew red could be highlighted up to yellow; it somehow never occurred to me that the yellow could then be highlighted up to white.

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Anne, you ninja'd my reply! The cloak used a lot of the new paints from KS 1. It was based in Soft Blue, with a glaze of Nightmare Black to make it a little more rich blue. The shadows were worked down into a concentrated Nightmare Black. Highlights up into Twilight/Ashen Blue, which I would do a bit more if I were to do it again. Then I did a round of splatter painting (!) with Maggot White to establish the first round of tiny stars. Nebulae, planets, and galaxies were freehanded in with some of the colors used in my red tunic (for the warm toned nebulae and planets) and Surf Aqua/Maggot White (for the cool-toned nebulae/galaxies). There was a round of Surf Aqua splatters, a bit more Maggot White to give the freehanded elements some depth, and then glazed back in the shadows once again in Nightmare Black to restore their contrast. It sounds like a lot of steps, but it's actually pretty easy (and fun!).


Edit: Slendertroll, as soon as I figure out what I want to do this effect on next, I'll be sure to WIP it up!

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