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Genghis Con XXXV Painting Conference and Competition


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Once again the CMPA (Colorado Miniature Painting Alliance) will be hosting the Painting Conference and Competition at Genghis Con XXXV. Genghis Con takes place February 13th - 16th 2014 at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora CO (I-225 and Parker Rd).


Genghis Con is run by the Denver Gamers Association (DGA) (their website is currently showing Tacticon, the Labor Day convention). Their website is here: http://www.denvergamers.org/ or you can find them on Facebook.


The CMPA is currently getting its list of classes ready for the registration book the current list of classes from the notes handed out last Saturday include the following (there are typically multiple slots for most of these, except the more advanced classes like OSL and NMM):

Setting the Scene; Advanced Basing

Flesh and Faces

Faking the Forge; Shaded Metallics


Basing for Beginners


Unit Painting

Vignettes and Dioramas

Mini Photography

Basics for Beginners



Airbrush Demo


Leveling Up

(This is a preliminary list and is still subject to change)


The current line up of instructors is:

Michael Proctor

Rhonda Bender (yes, Wren)

Phil Esterle (although absent from the Reaper forums, still painting) http://www.fingolfin.net/

Lyn Stahl

Torin Reed

Plus a few to be named later.

Normally Lili Troy also instructs but her hands will be full with a 1 year old at that point. We are also missing Jen Kaufman who has decided to take a break.


The painting competition is a trophy format (1st, 2nd & 3rd) with multiple categories. Currently Dark Sword miniatures is confirmed for a $200 manufacturer award (nested in as part of the regular competition). I would expect to see at least one other manufacturer jump in as well. We are also a Crystal Brush qualifier event.


I'll fill things in as more information is confirmed. Also if you are in the Denver area, please feel free to attend our regular 2nd Saturday painting get together. Currently meeting at Dark Matter Games (Mississippi and Wadsworth).

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Is there going to be a speed painting competition again? I wasn't able to do the one last year but I was planning on making it a priority this year.

I don't know if there will be a speed painting competition or not. Ours are so poorly attended that we could better use the space for something else. However, at the moment I see it on the preliminary schedule.

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Thanks for putting this thread up, Heisler!!! :D


Neat, looks like Valentine's day falls in that time period, so perhaps I can convince Husband that this is our Valentine's present to ourselves? Well, mostly me. ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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We have also, for no apparent reason, added the Alice in Wonderland (or Through the Looking Glass) theme. Enter any Alice miniature in any category to be eligible for the theme. So you could enter Alice in the 40mm or smaller single category and be instantly enrolled in the Alice Theme as well.


You could convert another sculpt into Alice if you like but she must be readily identifiable as Alice. So a random female mini with blonde hair and a blue dress in tank is not likely to cut it. And the theme is Alice, so if you enter a caterpillar with a hookah or just a Jabberwock and no Alice you are not in contention for the theme award.

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