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I'm still slowly catching up with all shows I've missed over the last few years.


Been watching Fate/Zero and it's fantastic so far, dumping all the tired 'magical girlfriend' and 'harem' clichés that infested Fate/Stay Night has done wonders for the story.


Also finally watched seasons 4 and 5 of Slayers. Ugh, considering how many novels they still had to adapt, I don't get why they felt the need to rehash the first season (and doing a very poor job of it to boot). At least I didn't pay much for them.

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Fate/Zero is vastly superior to Fate/Stay NIght. They aren't even in the same league. The only value to watching Stay Night now in my opinion is that it introduces and fleshes out Saber, whereas Zero assumes you already have that knowledge.


Finished Mawaru Penguindrum recently. I enjoyed it but it's very much a sucker punch series (i.e. not what it makes itself out to be originally, see also Puella Magi Madoka Magica). I missed the more offbeat comedy it started with and felt the latter half of the series could have been fleshed out better.


Shigerui: Death Frenzy was excellent, but continued to be horrifyingly and uncomfortably violent. Any scene where the master of the dojo, who wavers between clarity and senile dementia, gets hold of a sword was one to watch between fingers.


Gundam Build Fighters... Fantastic. I've been slogging my way through all the Gundam series in release order and had made it halfway through Turn A. That along with, Victory, X Gundam, G Gundam all felt very longwinded. Build Fighters is a positively brief 26 episodes and knows what it's about, Gundam battles. Of the 26 episodes almost all of them have a fight scene and they are all pure spectacles. Kaempfer Amazing vs GM Sniper was one of my favourites as it went outside of the lasery-goodness of other fights for some very clever city fighting tactics. It was great to see a pair of villains that are set up to look like they are cheating (as a couple of other series villains do) but are revealed to actually be very shrewd tacticians.


I've recently started Magi: Labyrinth of Magic and loving it. I had assumed it would be a fairly lighthearted series from all the big right colours and character designs. No. Aladdin especially looks like he would be the wide eyed optimist and happy go-lucky sort of character. No. Whilst he is optimistic, he is also not a fool. When he tries to negotiate peace with a villain who then betrays him and attacks the people Aladdin is protecting, he responds by summoning his genie, incinerating half the villains army immediately then using the genie to punch the villain. 10 metre tall genie of pure muscle punching a regular human does not result in comedy. Seems to one worth sticking with.

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