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It's been awhile, but I've started reading a few more web comics. 


Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King


Ryu was a normal guy who had just completed his two years of mandatory military service when he was suddenly kidnapped by an otherworldly being and trapped in a hellish world.  He can leave when he reaches level 5, but the Guideline that is supposed to help him is broken.  Every time he is about to reach level 5 he returns to level 1.  Will he ever make it out, and if he does what kind of world awaits him?


This series just started its third season.


Season 1: Contains a good bit of action as well as a bit of humor.  IMO it's the reason to read the series.

Season 2: Takes a turn for the serious.  There are still bits of humor, but the main problem is that without the humor there really isn't anything to differentiate the series from any other overpowered MC story out there. That doesn't make it bad, just nothing special.

Season 3: Looks to be more of season 2.  If you make it this far you're likely in for the duration.

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Rise From The Rubble


I started reading this one a few months ago, so the opening has gotten a little fuzzy.  As I recall there was a catastrophe referred to as the starfall when monsters appeared and disrupted our current society.  However some people also obtained super powers and became known as starfall warriors.  Zuo Fan's father was one of these warriors and a national hero.  10 years ago the city they lived in was attacked by monsters, but his father was MIA during the fight and the city was destroyed.  Zuo Fan was labeled the son of a traitor, had trouble finding work, wasn't very strong, etc.  He goes on a mission with a group of people, but it is actually just a cover for the an assassination of one of the members, the daughter of a powerful family.  While trying to survive he activates the warlord system (warlord being the top class of starfall warriors) and starts to level up. 


And therein lies the "cheat" for this series.  So far the system hasn't done anything that would be considered impossible, it has just accelerated his growth rate to an impossible level.  Since he was a slow starter he first caught up to his early rivals, and is now years ahead of where he should be. On the balance of fighting vs. solving the mystery of why his father became a traitor, the story has so far been heavy on the fighting/leveling with little bits of plot advancement in between.  IMO this series is solidly genre appeal - if you like this type of story it will get the job done, but if you don't there is nothing to pull a reader in. 

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Solo Max-Level Newbie


Jinhyuk is one of the last players of the game Tower of Trials.  On the day he finally beats the game he decides that it is time to retire from gaming and move on.  The world has other plans, as it turns out that someone beating the game is the trigger for it to manifest in reality!  Wait, what?  *Looks over at pile of unfinished games*  So I'm saving the world from disaster by not finishing them...


Premise aside, my main problem with this manhwa is that I simply don't like the main character.  Humanity is given a time limit to clear each floor of the tower, and if they fail it is the end of the world.  Jinhyuk decides knowledge is power and decided to use what he knows about the game to get himself all of the best stuff. Maybe it works for readers who would do the same thing if given the chance. IMO he comes across as a selfish jerk.  Since it is the end of the world if the players fail, it would seem prudent to at least do something to improve the overall chance of survival.  He doesn't really seem concerned about anyone else though.

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