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Darkmeer starts a WIP (again)


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Hi everyone, I'm going to try the WIP thing to keep me motivated, and to help me improve on a few things. Most of these are mid-process, or very lightly started. I have a specific way I paint, and I really only photograph about once a week. So, without further adieu, here begins my wip.


First up, we have The Bones Gnoll, about 2/3 of the way through how I paint, but there are several areas to improve upon. My intent is to give a more rusted look to the metallics, and to bring up the leather straps. In person, I'm happy with the upper fur, with the feet needing improvement (and the leg wraps and flail wraps). Eyes are going to be something fun.





Next up we have Vanja, Fire Giant Princess, the metal version (the bones version will be more traditionally coal-black with red highlights). This is a very early stage wip of her for me. I'm starting with skin tones, bringing them up to Vallejo Pale Flesh.




Next we have the Bones Darkrasp, Death Priest. I've started an attempt at OSL with him, and would very much like suggestions on this. I really like how the scythe is coming, but the robes leave a LOT to be desired. The cloak looks like a burlap/linen (which was my intent with all the drybrushing) and I'm happy with it overall, including the OSL effects on the hood.





Finally, we have my 2-year-old's wip of the bones Unicorn




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And, since PP is noted, I'll post up my WIP for the tale of Warmahordes this month:


First up are a couple of Cygnaran heavies, the Centurion and Hammersmith (both are metal versions)


Followed by the Hunter and Sentinel I'm slowly chugging away on:
Note: The Hunter's face is currently brown as I'm reworking the metals, I didn't like the silver faceplate.

Next up is a before & after for pale skin tones with my Kossite Woodsmen:



And After the pale skin tones were completed:

And the Mortar & Field Gun

Now onto something more Beastly (Beast 09)
Before basing the shoulders in brown to make the red:


After basing in brown to make the red:

Finally, the test model for my Amethyst Rose Gun Mages




and my favorite picture, showing the high tone pink to the low tone blue:


When I get a good picture of her face, I actually did eyes and they look decent!


And yes, I have all of these at any given time on my palette. I find it easier if I get burned out on steampunky stuff to move over to fantasy or even Nethyrmaul. Suggestions and color commentary welcome on these :)

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Minor update (no photos until I sleep):

Worked on the Gnoll (skirt and feet), the pistoleer, four of the Kossites, and Beast 09 tonight. While this may not be much, it was a roughly 2 hour painting session I sorely needed after a frustrating (and frightening) day in Illinois (family and the friends I have heard from are okay).


Photos after I sleep.

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Hey! Very nice! I'm especially fond of the purple you achieved on your gun mage. (After all, my love of nice, bright colors is quite apparent.)


I too find that a WIP is a great way to stay on track and motivated to paint, but based on the number of minis you've already started on I'd say you're already doing pretty well in the motivation department. ::):


If you wouldn't mind a few brief tips on your photo-fu, however, I think that changing the way you take your pictures ever-so-slightly would allow all of us out here in internet land to better appreciate the awesome work you are doing and better provide feedback. (And I'm sorry if you've already heard these before or simply know them and didn't want spend the time on WIP pictures.)


  • Search your camera for a filter setting built for incandescent light. I struggled big-time trying to reduce the yellowness of my pictures until I one day discovered that all I had to do was change my camera from "auto white-balance" to "incandescent mode". I can't stress enough how much my own pictures' color balance improved when I found that.
  • Download GIMP (if you don't already have it or Photoshop) and learn only two things: how to crop the picture and how to manually adjust the shadow and highlight threshold.

Once you've done that on a few pictures, it literally only takes like 30 seconds to a minute to adjust each picture to nice, true-to-life glory (or as close as a non-professional photographer like can get).

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Kuro, the only thing I am working with right now is photoshop express. GIMP is not workable at all (locks every time) on windows 8, even when I ran it as a previous version of windows. Darn thing doesn't like me at all.
Here are some attempts to lessen the yellow in the pictures, as the lighting thing is... interesting with my camera to say the least (Tandy color, anyone?).
Here's some work on the pistoleer, finally a decent picture of her face :)



My beast 09 is chugging along nicely, with inking needed along the boiler and metals, but I'm really pleased with the white so far (note: Inking is not a wash, I'm very specific with this model, look at the Khadoran anvil on his front). The "patch" on the the open fist arm's shoulder is going tobe some additional damage, I'm attempting a 3-d painted effect in one spot... he's a spotlight mini, so I figured I'd try.


And the Kossites I worked on (just 4 since I didn't touch the other two), definitely the worst of all the pictures I took.


The reds are completely washed out :(

Onto reaper, I have the Bones Gnoll, which is a really decent picture, and much more true to life than the first ones.



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That's a bummer that GIMP doesn't run on Windows 8 (yet one more reason for me to resist upgrading operating systems!), but it seems like it doesn't matter; whatever you did this time looks great!


I really love the depth of color on your pistoleer even more in this new picture, and the face turned out great!


Also, very nice white on the warjack. I haven't been brave enough to paint white in a few years because it is so challenging, so nice job!

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Vegel: I agree about the brightness, but, given my photo setup, the minis get a LOT of light. This was adjusting for the overexposure and actually brought the minis to a more true-to color balance.


One of the big things that got me into Warmachine was moving from big miniatures to small miniatures to get the skills down I needed on big minis and move to smaller ones. My first forays weren't all that super successful, for instance her:



She's since been stripped, since the enamels I was using did not play nicely with the acrylics I have since switched to, but I have her twin almost completed in blue and white with metallics, and she looks better (and will not be part of the WIP until I finish my bones AND PP figures).



Anyhoo, no painting tonight... it's get ready for the rest of my work week night, so have fun all with the no-photo update (it should be noted my next mini to have a few steps on is the Sentinel... I want to get that done so I can have 20 points in the tale of Warmahordes this month, all light 'jacks).

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Kuro, the only thing I am working with right now is photoshop express. GIMP is not workable at all (locks every time) on windows 8, even when I ran it as a previous version of windows. Darn thing doesn't like me at all.


Huh...What version of 8 and what version of GIMP? Works fine for me.

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@Airviper: I'm using the 8.0 chassis, it's not terribly good. I just upgraded last night to Windows 8.1 (as I was painting for the paint binge). I hope that this fixes the GIMP issues I've been having, I love that program.




Also: This is a LONG post for all the pics!


Onto the WIPS and some semi-completed models (basing)



Some more Bonus WIPS from the paint binge:

All PP binge:
Loyalist Gun Mages with Officer & Friend
Amethyst Rose Gun Mages with Proxy Officer:

And to the ones that are done with paint, but needing basing:

We'll start it out with Beast 09
You can see the height extension slightly from this angle, it's simply washed with a neutral grey and then followed by a second wash of Stormy blue plus german grey.

Now, onto Cygnar
And Sentinel


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I have a well of Chaos to be added soon. It was a fun, reasonably fast paint (3 hours or so). I even went ahead and flocked it. I'll put pics up this weekend. It's been a bit rough studying for finals... something I hadn't done for 10 years.


I hear you; all of the end of semester projects and finals are really piling on the work! But, we'll make it somehow. ::):

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As promised (with two hours to spare in my time zone!), I have brought together all my sanity points to fight against this monstrosity.


I did not do any resin, much like many do, I chose a simpler paint and ink path. I'm pleased with my progress, and I think the stone could be pushed a couple tones upward, but I want to see others' opinions as well.








Finals for me are done this evening. Now to wait on the results of my hard work for that. In the mean time, enjoy losing your sanity!

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