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Carnacki the Ghost Finder

Ecce T'Raukzul (10009) and Ashlan Fellthrush (03556)

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Hello there!


This was heavy, and took a long time, and some different attempts at the red scheme. I can't remember how many times I stripped it. I don't like it when the red highlights into orange too much. Buglips' "Kaladrax in a week" inspired me to keep at it. There are plenty of mistakes here but it is time to move on.


Ashlan Fellthrush was in the box, so I guess he was included as a snack. He is actually a great Sandra Garrity miniature even if he looks a bit light a deer frozen in the headlights here.


I think he is thinking "This seemed like a good idea ten minutes ago."


My NMM sucks. There I said it.


The base is was a five dollar wood clock base from the craft store.







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Love it! It reminds me of the composition of Dragons Don't Share 2, so obviously there's some awesome going on. ^_^

Thank you! Yes I couldn't believe it when that appeared on the Kickstarter. My partner looked over my shoulder and said, "Hey, they took your idea!" (She likes to flatter me.)

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Looks awesome! It'll be a while before I attempt something this elaborate, but it definitely looks like a lot of fun!

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Looks really good. I like how you brought out the details on his head. And the base is awesome. Don't forget to enter our Dragon Contest that ends next month.

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The only thing I would do to improve this is replace the handsome knight with a donkey (from Shrek!)


Very beautiful work, I would give you a cookie, but mine probably have viruses by now.

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