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Oh and ...



Misc Pictures of my Fleet

This is why my wife change my ebay password for a few months...
The same day this picture was taken 2 more ships arrived !! (March 2012)
She didnt know that  6 more where on the way..




Island Play set

(March 2012) I just received as part of a trade this really cool island!!
I know I can convert it so that it no longer resembles a mega bloks toy at all. Not much room on it but that can be fixed up with some simple mods.
Has ALOT of potential!
Debating weather to sell it as is, or convert it into heroscape terrain, ( and then either keep it or sell it to try and regain some of the money I spent on this fleet ! )
Also just imagine the battles you can have on this thing ! :)



I decided it would be little trouble to turn it into some cool 28mm terrain.



Left Over pieces

May 2012
Since Ordered a few Mega bloks ships online, I have had a few left over peices I have no intention of using.
My fiance suggested I sell them on ebay to try and recoupe some of the money I spent.
So I first took these pictures, for the typical, please by my junk on ebay pictures.
But it looked to borring, so I tried posing them and making them stand up and...
One thing led to another, and then after a 15 minute photo shoot we have !!!! DUN DUN DUN....
Red eye Willy makes a mad dash with the treasure as Barnacle Bob tries to stop him with his mercenaries from the Isle of Tortuga that he picked up while escaping the traps left behind by EightBall the one eyed formaly-known-as-pirate-but-now-a-respectable-privateer !!!!
Needless to say , they never got uploaded to ebay, and are now hidden in a box under the closet labeled "Spare Screws".
She will never find them MUAHAHAHAHAH!!

And, we got married and I still have them hidden in a closet, guess shes never needed spare screws yet :)


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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Bangerang from Heroscapers.com has his own blog.. and while I was working on the Fools Errand ( Black pearl conversion) He was working on his Undead ship ( Dread Eyes phantom). Super cool guy and does some really neat conversions. He gave me some great ideas along the way.




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Thank you sir. It was so long wasnt sure if any one would read it :)

If there's interest I started working on a few more ships I could post.

I read 75% of it. The mast heads were my favorites and i like how your painting skills turn a cheap toy into an inspired terrain piece.

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I know this is old but I've just stumbled across it. Gamgan have you posted the templates for the decks? If you still have them can you send them to me please? I'm about to start converting the Junk, The Black Pearl, The Flying Dutchman, The Dread Eye Phantom and the Storm Stalker so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there, forgive me for the late reply but if your still interested I would be happy to scan them for you.


Also I recently found a picture of a guy who converted a Black Pearl on Deviant art, instead of going popsicle by popsicle he used veneer to make a great looking deck in what might be a fraction of the time.

I still have 12 ships or so I have not converted and have been thinking about doing them all at once. I can post pictures if any one is interested in them.



Does this count as a Necro'ed thread? or more like a Davy Jones sort of thing :)

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