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Gamgan's Random WIP

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I started a thread over in the custom terrain and conversions forum to cover some of my aquatic themed monsters and terrain ( including boats and ships). I also wanted to share my other WIP for some of the figures I am working with or finished. I did most of these conversions for a game called Heroscape over at Heroscapers.com.


I like going back to something I did a few years ago and retouch it up, or repaint it or do some additional details. Anything suggestions are always welcomed.



Mage knight Giant to Classic Giant

Very cool Mage Knight giant, can be found on ebay for about $4 now. My brother wanted this giant for his Pathfinder army but not with dwarfs riding him or caring guns.
This was the end result;


How I modified the MK Giant to a Classic D&D Giant

I have been caring around this figure since I ordered him off eBay in Iraq. Always wanted to do something with this very cool ( and dirt cheap) figure. He is HUGE on the battle field.

This giant I decided to change for my brothers classic army ( no guns ) so the first thing I did was tear off everything that looked out of place.
Out came the guns, the dwarves, the huge furnace off his back and a few odds and ends. I had to use a screwdriver to pry most of it off.


So as not to waste too much greenstuff ( I just got this tiny strip for the first time didn't want to waste it) I stuffed some spare plastic into the big holes in his shoulders and covered them with greenstuff. I tried not to make it too smooth as I wanted it to look like beaten metal.

I am really bad trying to sculpt, but this was supposed to be fun so I just gave this guy some big spikes on his shoulders because I couldn't think of any thing else at the time. ( Now I wish I would have glued on some chains or something to him....)

Painted the Greenstuff black

This was the main reason I wanted to make this guy. His back now has a HUGE space in it where the furnace was. I wanted to try making a fur cloak for him to cover this up. I found a bunch of really cool videos on youtube. Search for * How to greenstuff fur* and you will find a couple. I first made a thin cloak out of green stuff and let it dry, then gave it a second thicker cloak of greenstuff and started working on it with a dental pick I bought in Walgreens for $6. I made the mistake of not doing this in layers as I worked my way up it became harder and harder to give this huge cloak shape. Next time I will work in sections to avoid this.


It was really easy to do and very fun to make.


After this was done I looked up on Youtube again ( As I have very little skill on my own :) ) on how to paint fur.

These are the end results. I glued the furnace on a base and painted the back to make it into a decorative piece for one of my future games.


I wanted to go all out on a cool base, place some trampled on soldier ( like a smooshed dwarf! I have the parts!), bits of battle trash and some foliage but my brother wanted it very simple since non of his other models are based. I think the Spartan base sticks out like a sore thumb it its for his army so his call.... spoil sport...

Hope you guys enjoyed.


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NCP Kobold custom figure

Brother tells me he needs a custom mini for his weekend pathfinder game ASAP.

Very specific, a kobold with dragon wings, a spear, crossbow and blue scales.

Ooohhkaaaayyy... let me see

D&D mini kobold + battlemaster knight spear tip + Heroscape Sonlen's Dragon's wings ( poor fella) + D&D mini kobold crossbow (from another kobold) + paperclip for the spear shaft + blue paint

Mix it all together and you get this!!




Very quick paint job since he's coming over an less than an hour to pick it up....


So when he arrives to pick up the mini I have to ask!!

Now tell me this is a super cool main character for one of your players and he's pivotal in the storyline and has some great adventures through out the rest of your campaign????

He replies... " hmm Nope, ncp messenger, gets killed off first encounter I think, maybe second.. thanks, cool mini..."

...... gotta love family....

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Whoa. For "this is what I did based on Youtube instructions", that fur is awesome.


Actually, for "I've done fur before, and this is how fur is done", it's still awesome.

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Good stuff!


Actually, the Forum Rules changed a while back so that we aren't allowed to do Consolidated WIP or Show-off threads any longer. For WIP they allow themed (teams, groups of same monster/kind/squads, all part of one bigger piece, etc) or they allow a finite thread for say a season or month or quarter. So you'll want to start up a new WIP thread and have a beginning/end to it rather than infinite. 

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    • By Jordan Peacock
      Online, from a certain market of miniatures, I found some "Kaosball" team expansion packs on clearance (for a better price than what they're listed at now, as of this writing).  Each pack contains 13 32mm-scale minis in 2 poses (6 of one pose on 25mm square bases, and 7 of an alt pose on 25mm round bases), a "bust" that represents the "team coach," and a game-specific 12-sided die (which I suppose isn't much use for anything, unless I actually wanted to play the game).  Anyway, this worked out to being under $1 a figure, and the sculpts looked interesting, so I got a few packs.  (I find it hilarious, though, that while most of the packs are marked down, the "Felinia Hellcats" -- scantily-clad gun-toting cat-girls -- are specifically marked as "[CLEARANCE]" and yet they're priced at about 3x the asking price for each of the other teams.)
      I originally picked these guys up (the "Samaria Barbarians") with a vague intent that "someday" I would run a Savage Worlds convention one-shot scenario heavily inspired by the "Brütal Legend" video game ... but it occurred to me that few if any of my players would have heard of that game, and I'm no particular "expert" on anything rock-and-roll-related, so maybe I'm not the best person to GM such a setting.

      However, I could always use a few more post-apocalyptic wastelanders.  The "big hair" style here doesn't necessarily look like it would fit the current Fallout aesthetic as established in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, but I think these guys wouldn't look terribly out of place in the original Fallout 1 & 2 (what with all the "Mad Max" and "Fist of the North Star" wannabes wandering about in those games).  I removed the figures from their bases, putty-and-texture-stamped the 25mm round bases, putty-and-texture-stamped some plastic 25mm rounds for the remaining figures, and did a few hand swaps and bit-add-ons to give a few of the figures visible ranged weaponry.  (I figured that would give me a little more buy-in if I were to field a gang of these guys for an encounter and then they start FIRING on the PCs, versus what pushback I might get if they *appeared* to only be armed with axes.)

      I used some paper printed license plates to add some "junk armor" elements to further reinforce the "post-apocalyptic" vibe.

      Each team pack also comes with a "bust" to represent the team coach.  I went with a bronze-and-verdigris scheme for each.
    • By Chaoswolf
      This is an old Mage Knight figure that I slightly converted and repainted. He was holding a comically undersized flail in his left hand, so I cut it off and replaced it with a halberd from an old GW Chaos Warrior I had in my bits box. After that, it was just a matter of repainting him for use on the tabletop. He'll make an interesting BBEG in some game I haven't created yet.



      Thanks for looking.
    • By Guildenstern
      The Skorchas are a smallish buggy like vehicle that doesn't have a model, so I cut down a couple trukks and made my own. The Battlewagon is pretty much stock kit, except I am adding a base (which isn't done yet).








    • By Chaoswolf
      I forget exactly what this figure is called, but it's another old Mage Knight figure that I have repainted. I think it would work well as a (small) evil treant. I'd have to go through the Monster Manual, but I'm sure that there are other plant monsters this would work as, too.
      Tabletop paint job as usual.



      ETA---Forgot to mention, this is part of my Morihalda challenge (do art every day in December).
    • By Chaoswolf
      This is an old mage knight figure I stripped (yes, it is possible. Not easy, but possible. It's also not always worth the time and energy involved) and then repainted.
      Painted to table top.
      Let me know what you think.


      Better view of the base.

      Yes, it's got eyes, and they're painted!

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