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"The Rescue" - Reaper Limited Edition Sci-fi Sophie diorama


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It's a shame that this Sophie is a "limited edition." I'd really like to see some Reaper Chronoscope sci-fi figures in this sort of style! (It makes me think a bit of the old "Bubblegum Crisis"/"Knight Saber" anime power armor designs.)


Anyway, gorgeous diorama! And the WIP is entertaining, too! :)

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This is such an incredible piece of artwork!!!!! My favorite part is the way that Sophie looks totally suspended in mid-air, it's positively magical. :wub: The story with the ferret and the robots is so cute and fun, and doesn't require any explanation; it's all very apparent!


I loooooved your WIP thread too, your addition of Yotsuba-chan was so much fun, she added so much character and personality to your pictures! :lol: I actually went online to see how much it would cost to get one of my own, and while she's a tad pricey, I'm putting her on my wishlist for the future!


Great piece, lovely work and the details are exquisite. Well done indeed!



--OneBoot :D

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Thanks everyone for such wonderful comments, this the first diorama that yielded me so many kind responses.

I'd put in more effort and hope to do a better job with my next diorama :)


thanks again for the encouragements and support for Yotsuba-san :)


(meanwhile on the painting desk....)



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