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Aard's Adventures in Painting!

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So, I finally got a camera, and I thought I'd upload some of my painted minis~


I'm gonna upload them in the order I did them, so I'll do the "Unicorn" first!


Now, all of my mini's are painted in Marie's Artist's Acrylics - I get mine for 5$/box at Ocean State Job Lot. My paint brushes are these - they're cheap, they're tiny, and they move paint from the palette to the mini, which is all I really ask for in a brush. They last okay; I need to order new ones, and even 15 brushes don't last long, so I usually order 2-3 sets at a time - with free shipping, spending 5 or 6 dollars isn't that big a deal for 40-50 brushes, but they take up to 2 months to get here, a bit of a wait.


Now, onto my figures! I've never painted minis before these - initially, I was looking for cheap minis for D&D on amazon, prepaints and such, and someone in the comments mentioned Reaper; I visited here, dropped a hundred bucks on some minis, and now I'm 800$ in the hole for KSII. Never gonna play D&D without minis again... they'll make my mats so much livelier. And of course, now I want to get into Hirst... but that's a matter for another thread!


So I got my minis, and I was very happy. The first I decided to paint was a unicorn - my sister wanted to see a fire unicorn, and I thought, "I can do that!"


So I did!





Hello, unicorn!


I started this one by basecoating... black, I think. Then I did the mane and tail; white, then yellow, followed by drybrushed red and orange, and with a dryer sort of drybrushing of black after. Then I made grey, and I added a little blue & brown - just the tiniest bit - and used that for the body. A slightly darker shade added the collarbone and the leg's shadow, and then I reblacked the hooves, eyes, teeth and horn... All in all, I think this one came out great! I plan to base it when the KSII bases get here; I want to do it rearing on a brownstone cliff in scrublands - something with a deep, dark red color, to give it a lot of contrast and make the mane pop! Here are some other pictures:



The blur! THE BLUR!



This picture shows off the mane really well, I think. The shading on the stomach, too.



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Oh yes: the Gryphon!


Now, as anybody who remembers me from the KS forum will recall, I have a bit of a... thing for gryphons. I love them. And, more to the point, I have a legion of gryphon riders, the Abbarati Riders, in my campaign world. So, I need a lot of them... But, I'm broke until after Christmas, so I will settle for one. Not like I have a game going, anyways... *sob*


But, I do have one, and here he is! He's a gyrfalcon/lion; originally, he was supposed to be a gyrfalcon/white lion, but it just looked like a badly-tinted lion, so I decided to go for a more traditional, yellowy coat. His beak is to bright, and his talons look weird, but the wings came out great, and on the tabletop, that's all anyone will notice! :D So he gets to go to my finished pile, and maybe if I'm feeling ambitious one day I'll strip him and redo him. For eight bucks, though... I'll probably just get a few more! :D



Look! Look! At my POS laptop! Oh, and a gryphon...


You can see that there's not a lot of shadow on him. I tried, but... I actually like him more this way. There's a lot of texture to the sculpt - he has quite nice definition without my smudging him up!



Pattern on the wings - ignore the smudges!



Nice view of the underside of the wings - you can see the highlights on his flank as well...






And the other. Look at that. Perfect.


Hooray! I really like this one. He's my favorite out of all of them, although... well, we'll get to him eventually... But still. I like the way this guy came out.






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Moar? Yes, moar! Swamp fellows! Also troll!


The swamp fellow is incredibly dusty. I don't know why - none of the other figures are - but dust just seems to stick to him. Argh. Still, he looks nice - I did a coat of dark green, then drybrushed dark brown, then black. It gives him sort of a translucent look, in person, almost as if he's very faintly bioluminescent - like light through seaweed.



So much dust.



Here is his face. You can see the pattern better on the ridges of his arms, and his dark red eyes... Spooky.


Because I only had a few good pictures of the swamp fellow, here's another little friend: the Troll! I had fun with the troll. He was so easy to paint! I only used four colors for him - a pale-green, chalky-looking color Marie's calls "Emerald Green" or #559, a dark brown called "Vandyke Brown", "Raw Sienna" and "Raw Umber". Green basecoat, sienna wash, Vandyke wash, Vandyke onto the jockcloth, umber onto the jockcloth. Super-easy. Which is good, 'cause I'm gonna order a few more and do a whole squad, so I needed something replicable. He's a bit greener IRL, though. Still, he photographed better than buddy up there... :[



Oh man, look at this troll.



Bit heavy on the wash, maybe. Still... Look at that booty. That is a d*mn fine booty. :D





Grath indeed, my friend. Grath indeed.

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Hm... Who could this be? Could it be...




By golly, I think it is!



Hello, Focusmort? Come to be a pain in my elf wonderful example of my first non-monster mini? Why, I suppose you have!


Yes, this is Focusmort the wizard, my favorite example of my minis thus far. That scroll! Those bags! That purple!


Now, the thing to know about Focusmort is... He only uses seven colors, and none of them are purple! He used two shades of brown, a red, a blue and a dark yellow, black, and white. And that's it! I mixed the skin myself, the purple myself, everything! So proud.


Now, he was basecoated with a very reddish purple. You can see it on his shoe, in the folds of his robes, and anywhere I couldn't reach, as well as where the paint on his robes was thinnest. I really like how that came out, TBH - with my brushes, there's no way I could reach everything, and he looks great from a distance. Instead of going for depth with him, I went for big blocks of color - the beard, the scroll, the robes, the hat - and tried to make him look just a little cartoony... I wanted something light and clean-looking, and I realized fairly early on I wouldn't get that with purples, at least not how I was shading it. But the base-coat gives him some dimension, and the colors are strong; I think he holds up quite nicely. I particularly like the beard...




And then he todders off, like so:



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I approve of Focusmort's view that sorcerers are the young upstarts of the arcane community. I may have to get a Galadon to give him the same treatment. And sculpt an onion on his belt.


Glad to see you're having a lot of fun with this hobby. Keep painting, keep posting!

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An... onion?


But yeah, sorcerers are terrible people, what with their dragon-blood and their devils and their mystical abilities... Focusmort doesn't need any of that guff!


That said, perhaps I shall spend the next few days painting up some sorcerers for this little fellow to quietly project his negative emotions onto... I have several. Malik the Necromancer looks fun... I might do him... and I have a couple of rangers half-done that I might finish. Perhaps I'll do the rest of Quetzal's armor... she's been a pita, but she's getting there now I've figured out that cape.



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Woo, a new mini! A metal new mini, no less!


I got this one from Chaoswolf. It's a really great sculpt, Grenadier '86 according to the base, and something called "MM 34". Dunno what that means, presumably a product # of some kind? Ah well.




From the moment I saw this mini, I knew it was going to be a green dappled horse. I feel like I got that look across really well - it looks pretty much exactly as I first imagined it, which makes me very happy. The mane was a bit of a bigger question - I knew it couldn't be green or brown, but I didn't know where to go with it. I tossed on some dark red - the body was initially a much darker green - just as a placeholder; it was a bit meh, but alright. Then, when I later decided to lighten the body, I had the thought to try a magenta, and here we are! I really like the contrast on this one - I feel like the magenta mane really stands out, making the whole thing come alive, while the olive-green body brings it back to it's roots as a marsh creature.




The little dude, to be honest, holds almost no interest for me. He's blue mainly because, again, brown made the whole thing look muddy - blue at least pops, and it goes all right with the magenta and the olive without being similar to either. I'll probably go and work over him one more time before I call this one finished, but the Kelpie was always the focus of my interest - I'd be just as happy without the lil dude, tbh...


The pair are named Dybuuk and Gilgul, by the way. Dybuuk the Unfettered and his companion, the irascible Gilgul, in fact.

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He/it is looking pretty good!! Much better, in fact than sitting in one of my boxes waiting for attention. I'm glad you like it. ::):  When do we get to see some baby owlbears?

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