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Fire for Effect Sculpting class videos..

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Sorry for not getting back sooner.   Glad you can make it in The Hunter.   Klarg1. yes, you can add to your pledge so if you wanted to add a class or two, simply add the total to your pledge lev

My husband has given me the blessing for me to buy the ALL IN level. It's like xmas early here.

James Van Schaik and Fire For Effect Studios are proud to announce the launch of their kickstarter. It is an exciting initiative that brings the world of sculpting techniques to everyone through comp

James Van Schaik and Fire For Effect Studios are proud to announce the launch of their kickstarter. It is an exciting initiative that brings the world of sculpting techniques to everyone through comprehensive, easy to follow, sculpting classes.


The courses offered are high quality courses filmed in HD without time lapse on techniques. You see everything as it is done, clearly and concisely, so you can learn the skills you need for adding to existing models and miniatures or sculpting your own. The courses will include a virtual classroom, several modules for each course, PDF quick cheat guides, module notes and references for students. There will also be a course forum for one on one attention from James Van Schaik while you are learning.


These courses are designed for everyone, whether you are new to using putty to enhance your models and miniatures or not. All skill levels, all jobs, learning that is easy and enjoyable.


The kickstarter runs from November 19th until December 9th and we are offering great incentives to backers of the project. Courses are offered at over 75% off what they will be when released to the general public. In addition, some great miniatures are being offered to backers including a chance to have your own private commission from James Van Schaik. Stretch goals are planned with the opportunity to receive free courses and special add ons.


For more information on our sculpting courses, you can read the descriptions at http://www.f4estudios.com/f4e_studios_009.htm or back our kickstarter today at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1389554987/modeling-and-sculpting-course-videos-by-james-van


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We have an option for mini commissions as well. :) Thanks for checking it though, feel free to share the kickstarter.

I had to look this up cause I didn't notice this feature at first blush, admittedly I didn't check the $1,000 pledge level so I guess I missed it (I often just glaze over the expensive levels).


I think you're KS is great though, it's really cool to see that someone is training people that want to learn! :)

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The kickstarter launched by Fire for Effect Studios and James Van Schaik has been successfully funded and is now working towards opening up its stretch goals. The company is very excited by how well the courses have been welcomed and hope to gain enough funding to film all of the courses that are listed on their website and more.


To celebrate the success of the kickstarter, the company has released two free courses for All In and Pick Ten Level Backers. In addition, they have launched several add on courses for low prices as well as reference figures that correlate with courses they are offering. At the All In level backers will receive 32 courses right now and Pick 10 level backers will receive 12. At their next stretch goal, the number of free courses will increase by two!


With the success, Fire For Effect Studios and James Van Schaik have released a classroom tour video that shows you the platform for the courses. The value of the project is clear in the video as it illustrates that these courses are designed like college courses – with students even having elective homework.


The courses are designed for students to get the most from the courses at their own pace and convenience.


To take the classroom tour, visit their kickstarter page now or watch the video below.




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I really want to back this KS but I'm still waiting on reaper to release their pledge manager so I can finally lock in my pledge for bones. I don't know which I would rather back though this or heroquest. I could always get heroquest later but it wouldnt be with the stretch goals (whatever they may be) on the other hand I have no idea how much these lessons will cost after the fact lol. Decisions Decisions

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