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Foldable thingy, thing box but not box.


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came across this kickstarter about a foldable studio. It's average height/width but seems like something that would work great with miniatures. It has a build in led light and can come with more background colors.




Pretty neat. Sure its more expensive than cutting an old box and using a good lamp but I don't really have the space for one. I barely have room for paints and the 20 miniatures I have now. And portable studio would be nice for when I'm painting at other places and don't want to wait to take a picture.



Thing is, surely these aren't the first people to make such a contraption. Do any of you have any experience with portable studios? This one looks pretty darn sturdy. My one real concern is that when that led burns out then would it still function with outside light sources.

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@MM - Too bad the EB is all gone! Yeah it probably should be in the KS thread, but it is both shutterbug and KS so let the mods decide.


@LK - Hmm thinkgeek? I'll have to hop over there and check it out.

Checked out thinkgeeek, didn't see one.



NM Last Knight is a search ninja.



Hmm not.really fond of the thinkgeek one, plus its out of.stock. :(

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Simple, portable light studio:


Piece of lightish gray paper wide enough for your subject (12-18" is usually plenty).


A cardboard box to prop the paper up. (You can use anything, but boxes work fairly well.)


Two lamps with bulbs of the same color temperature.


Put the lamps at 45 degrees off the camera to subject axis, set your camera to the right color temperature and put it on a tripod, and if you can force the ISO down to its base level, do that.


Then shoot pictures.


Minis are easy subjects.

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